SodaStream bubly drops has Michael Buble singing a new tune

SodaStream and bubly partnership, photo provided SodaStream
SodaStream and bubly partnership, photo provided SodaStream /

Put an accent on that sparkling water because SodaStream bubly drops are here.

It is time to put down the can because SodaStream bubly drops are here. The popular SodaStream creates a variety of sparkling beverages at the push of a button. Now, the collaboration with another PepsiCo brand, bubly, sparkling water fans has a sustainable way to drink that flavorful sparkling water.

Since 1903, SodaStream has been adding the bubbles to water. As a company that puts an emphasis on sustainable choices, the beverage system encourages people to be thoughtful with their drinks. From reducing single use plastics to customizing their favorite beverages, that fizzy drink is more than just refreshment.

When SodaStream was acquired by PepsiCo, the opportunity offered an interesting partnership between the brands. As seen in this new launch, the co-branded offering furthers a conversation beyond a great tasting sparkling water. It puts the sustainability conversation back in the glass.

In 2019, bubly announced that it would no longer sell its beverages in plastic packaging. The choice showed a commitment to reducing single use plastics.

With the SodaStream bubly drops, the two brands take another step forward on the sustainability conversation. Featuring many of the popular bubly flavors, the flavor drops allow people to enjoy that flavored sparkling water that they love at the push of a button.

Bryan Welsh, General Manager at SodaStream US, said, “Beyond our products, both brands share values rooted in playfulness, wellness, social good, and of course, sustainability. It has been amazing to come together on this launch.”

The new offering even has bubly’s biggest fan, Michael Buble, singing its praises. As Zach Harris, Vice President, Water+ for PepsiCo Beverages North America, said “We are also thrilled to bring back four-time Grammy award-winning singer, Michael Bublé to help us celebrate this new partnership with the smile-making high jinks he’s become known for.”

During a recent launch event, Buble shared that his favorite bubly flavor is lime. While six different classic bubly flavors are offered in this first launch, grapefruitbubly, blackberrybubly, limebubly, strawberrybubly, mangobubly, and cherrybubly, there is a flavor for everyone to appreciate.

As a parent, Buble mentioned that his family enjoys the SodaStream bubly drops because it offers another beverage option. Although his kids do not drink soda, they enjoy a flavorful glass of bubly that they can make at home.

With Buble singing the praises of the SodaStream bubly drops, I personally put them to the taste test. Since the grapefruit bubly is usually a morning ritual in my house, it was the first flavor that I tried. The crisp, slightly tart flavor was just like that can that I usually pop open.

The biggest difference was that I found myself drinking more sparkling water to start my day. Before I realized it, the whole bottle was gone and I felt better about getting some extra water in before breakfast.

Additionally, my family found that we drank more water with the SodaStream bubly drops in the house. From the added convenience to the flavor options, it broke the boredom from just drinking another glass of plain ice water.

Lastly, since there are six different bubly drops available, everyone could have their favorite flavor. From one kid who prefers blackberry to my favorite grapefruit, the fighting over flavor options was eliminated.

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The SodaStream bubly drops are available now at Target and at various online retailers. A bottle has a suggested price of $5.99.

Are you ready to add some extra sparkle to your beverage? What is your favorite bubly flavor?