Vera Wang Prosecco turns any moment into a memorable celebration

Vera Wang Prosecco, photo provided by Vera Wang Prosecco
Vera Wang Prosecco, photo provided by Vera Wang Prosecco /

When the bubbles get popped, the celebration begins. With Vera Wang Prosecco, the new sparkling wine brand is ready to turn any moment into a reason to open a bottle. Ready to grab a glass and toast to the good life?

Many people associate Vera Wang with momentous occasions. From that stunning wedding dress to the impeccable cocktail dress on the red carpet, those fashions make a statement from the moment that they appear.

With the new Vera Wang Prosecco, the bottle says that it is a wine that “personifies emotion and celebrates life.” As each bubble slowly escapes from the bottle, there is a lightness, an expectation, a willingness to enjoy the moment as it comes. Ready to join the party?

Vera Wang Prosecco balances innovation with a nod to tradition.

While a prosecco has certain common characteristics, this brand sources its sparkling wine from Araldica. That Piedmont region wine maker is known for sustainable wines that are versatile yet never forget the wine making traditions.

Considered a premium prosecco, the sparkling wine has various fruit notes. While the aromas of apple and stone fruit entice, that soft finish that is all about the fruitiness.

When thinking about this sparkling wine, it makes a lovely apertif. Whether drunk on its own or with some little nibbles or a cheese plate, the wine shines.

Also, the prosecco can stand up to some spicy dishes. A bold noodle dish, a pasta salad or even some sushi would be a delightful dinner partner for the sparkling wine.

Lastly, the bottle stands out on the shelf. The sleek, silver bottle makes people take notice. Although the wine inside the bottle is the star, the packaging gives notice that the party is ready to begin.

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Vera Wang Prosecco is available at various retailers. For more information on the prosecco, pricing and availability, please visit

What is your favorite celebratory wine? Can you turn any day into a celebration?