Twizzlers Mystery Flavor has been revealed and it’s surprising

Twizzlers Mystery Flavor revealed, photo provided Twizzlers
Twizzlers Mystery Flavor revealed, photo provided Twizzlers /

When the Twizzlers Mystery Flavor hit stores shelves, everyone had a guess to that “unknown” flavor. Although people knew that it wasn’t strawberry, cherry or licorice, the guesses were all over the place. But, now the guessing is over. Did you solve the mystery?

According to Twizzlers, the mystery flavor is raspberry. While many people believed that the limited edition flavor had a berry twist, the big reveal may not have been totally unexpected. Granted, the “unknown” aspect caused some people to think totally out of the box, but the reality is that the flavor (and color) lead many people to decipher the raspberry flavor.

According to the Twizzlers team, fans and research shows that the fruit forward flavors, including raspberry were popular choices. Considering the other flavors existing in the brand’s line-up, this option fit in quite well.

Over the years, Twizzlers had found fun ways to connect with its fans. From removing the twists in last year’s Izzlers to other special offerings, these promotions bring excitement back to the iconic brand. Celebrating that smile and a little silly are the goals that the brand strives to capture.

While the Twizzlers mystery flavor has been revealed, it seems to raise some additional questions for the iconic candy. Although consumers want raspberry, what other fruit forward flavors could appear in the future.

Even though watermelon seems like a summer trend, could the brand add some more bolder options. Given that there isn’t a strong citrus forward choice or even a sour option in the line-up, could those flavors appear in 2022?

For now, the Twizzlers Mystery Flavor of raspberry is available on store shelves for a limited time. If you love this flavor, it is best to stock up on an extra bag before it disappears. Or, share your love raspberry with Twizzlers. Maybe it will convince them to keep the flavor around longer.

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What other flavors would you like to see in the Twizzlers candy line? Would you like to see more variety flavor candy packages?