ALDI Polynesian Sauce changes the chicken sandwich forever

New ALDI-exclusive Burman’s Dipping Sauces, photo provided by Aldi
New ALDI-exclusive Burman’s Dipping Sauces, photo provided by Aldi /

Looking for the next great ALDI find? Starting on June 30, the ALDI Polynesian Sauce is one of three new ALDi-exclusive Burman’s Dipping Sauces coming to stores. Did ALDI just win the chicken sandwich wars?

While summer might be grilling season, the reality is that the chicken sandwich wars are not going anywhere. From pickle brined to spicy to double fried, everyone and anyone is putting their best “breast” on a bun. Although there is no blue ribbon, gigantic trophy or crown at stake, everyone wants to say that their chicken is number one.

Although that drive-through or food ordering app can be easy, the reality is that dinner at home can be more cost effective. And, everyone knows that shopping at ALDI is always full of value.

Is the ALDI Polynesian Sauce the best flavor of the three dipping sauces?

The three ALDI Burman’s Dipping Sauces are Chick’n Dipp’n Sauce, Special Sauce and Polynesian Sauce. While these sauces might not be quite as recognizable as the Wahl Sauce, all three options are delicious when paired with that Kirkwood Breaded Chicken Breast.

While special sauce always has its place and Dipp’n Sauce is tasty, many people grab an extra container of Polynesian sauce. Whether it is the name or the sweet and sour flavor, there is something that people just like about that option. Even if other sauces are more flavorful, people keep obsessing over it. From dunking fries to topping chicken, people can’t get enough of that flavor.

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The three new Burman’s Dipping Sauces are available at ALDI starting on June 30. A bottle retails for $1.89. Check with local stores for availability.

What is your favorite sauce for chicken? Is chicken sandwich incomplete without a kicking sauce?