Coca-Cola’s Hilltop commercial celebrates 50 years with Tafi avatar technology

(Photo Illustration by Valera Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo Illustration by Valera Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Although it seems like yesterday, Coca-Cola’s Hilltop commercial is turning 50. While over the years, people have shared a Coke, asked the world to sing and celebrated all types of moments together, the iconic beverage brand is never afraid to adapt to trends. From new flavors to creative connections with consumers, Coca-Cola never falls flat.

With the help of Tafi and its advanced augmented reality (AR) avatar technology, Samsung Galaxy users can accessorize their Samsung Galaxy AR Emoji characters with special apparel. Inspired by Coca-Cola’s 1971 Unity Collection, the looks are said to capture the themes of “harmony and peace.”

According to Karen Schohan, Senior Licensing Manager, The Coca-Cola Company, “Tafi and Samsung are helping Coca-Cola combine tradition and innovation by giving people an exciting new way to connect—or reconnect—with the original messages of peace, love and harmony showcased in Coke’s iconic Hilltop TV commercial.”

In today’s world, the idea of a “perfect harmony” might be a little harder to grasp but the concept might be more vital than ever. While people often seen differences before similarities, it might be time to bring back a little of that “company” idea and see how people can come together, both virtually and in person.

The Tafi Unity Collection is a digital offering for Samsung Galaxy Users. The content includes” t-shirts, tank tops, sweatsuits, sweatpants, sweatshirts” and other items. The idea is to use these customizations to foster of feeling of friendship that captures the iconic Coca-Cola Hilltop commercial.

While the avatar customization might not make “singing” more perfectly harmonious, it might spark a conversation or offer an opportunity to find a more company in the world. It doesn’t mean that there is a Pollyanna attitude that the world is filled with butterflies and rainbows, but it might help people see the positives instead of focuses on the negatives.

Samsung Galaxy users can find the “Coca-Cola’s 1971 Unity Collection fashions from Tafi AR Emoji via a link in their mobile device’s camera, or through the Samsung Galaxy Store’s AR Emoji marketplace.”

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