Baskin Robbins Beach Day Ice Cream is a scoop of summer fun

Baskin Robbins Beach Day Ice Cream, photo provided by Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins Beach Day Ice Cream, photo provided by Baskin Robbins /

Kicking off National Ice Cream Month, Baskin Robbins Beach Day Ice Cream flavor could have people feeling those warm breezes off the shore. While there will not be any waves crashing over the ice cream bowl, one spoonful of this sweet treat might be the best taste of summer.

When Baskin Robbins announces its flavor of the month, many people plan a special trip to get a couple of scoops. For July, the flavor is Beach Day. Although there is no sand between your toes with this flavor, this ice cream will make you think of that seaside escape.

According to the company, Baskin Robbins Beach Day Ice cream is “blue sea salt vanilla-flavored ice cream, swirled with crunchy graham cracker “sand” and milk chocolate-flavored caramel-filled candy sea turtles and colorful frosting flecks.” To say that this ice cream is picture perfect is an understatement.

Many people may be drawn to the ice cream for the color, similar to how the water captivates the eyes. But, the flavor is what will draw people back. The graham cracker “sand” is a new idea for an ice cream swirl. Instead of big chunks, this idea could ensure that a little texture is in each spoonful.

Also, the sea salt vanilla flavor is new. While many people think of salted caramel, the salted vanilla could start a new ice cream flavor trend. It will be interested to see if other brands pick up on this idea.

Is Baskin Robbins Beach Day Ice Cream available in the new Creature Creations?

For the summer, Baskin Robbins has added three new Creature Creations. They are dolphin, shark, and sea turtle. Similar to the previous Creature Creations offerings, the decorations turn that scoop of ice cream into an extra spoonful of fun.

While these creatures bring a taste of the seaside, they are a fun, friendly group. From celebrating Shark Week to even making that backyard escape a little more entertaining, these new Creature Creations might even have the adults wanting to join in the ice cream fun.

These new offerings are the perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month. While the summer heat wave might have many people staying inside, ice cream can be a way to cool off. Sometimes that scoop of ice cream can be the tastiest way to cool off.

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The Baskin Robbins Beach Day Ice Cream is the July flavor of the month. and new Creature Creations will be available in July as well.

Are you ready for the sweetest beach day? What is your favorite ice cream flavor?