Breyers has solved the perfect cookies to ice cream ratio

Breyer's Cookies and Cream, photo provided by Breyers
Breyer's Cookies and Cream, photo provided by Breyers /

While cookies and cream ice cream might be one of the favorite ice cream flavors, Breyers is ready to solve a food debate that has baffled people for a long time. What is the perfect ratio of cookies to cream? With Cookie Coverage Guarantee, everyone will be satisfied with that perfect scoop.

The combination of chocolate sandwich cookies and ice cream is always a tasty choice. That slight amount of crunch with the creaminess of ice cream is irresistible. But, there can be a spoonful that isn’t always perfection. The one bite with no cookie might make you searching for more.

Breyers believes that every scoop of ice cream should bring happiness which is why it is launching the Cookie Coverage Guarantee. This ice cream insurance policy ensure that everyone is satisfied with that delicious sweet treat.

According to the brand, as of June 28, ice cream fans can sign up at for the Cookie Coverage Guarantee. By signing up, everyone can get “an official insurance certificate for 50% off their next tub of Breyers Cookies & Cream ($2 coupon value) and protection of their tub’s cookies & cream goodness.”

Breyers Cookies and Cream Cookie Coverage Guarantee
Breyers Cookies and Cream Cookie Coverage Guarantee, photo provided by Breyers /

Basically, Breyers wants to make sure that customers get what they want, the perfect cookies to cream ratio. If anyone is unhappy, they can file a claim and receive “a free tub of another delicious Breyers variety.” The offer is available while supplies last. Hopefully, no one manipulates the system just to get some free ice cream.

While this promotion is all fun and games, the reality is that it makes a bold statement for Breyers. They want consumers to feel confident about their brand. When a company is willing to make a guarantee, people know that they can trust that purchase.

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Will the Breyers Cookie Coverage Guarantee make you buy a pint of Breyers Cookies and Cream ice cream? More importantly, do you think that this ice cream brand has the perfect cookies to cream ratio?