Copper Mats make cleaning your grill a breeze!

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Copper grill mats make cleaning your grill a breeze! Love to grill but hate cleaning the grill afterwards?  Think about all of the hours you’ve spent brushing and scrubbing food and burned grease off your grill grates. Now sit back and enjoy a cold beer instead. Copper mats cover your grill grates so no food sticks to your grill or falls through the grates. Copper mats not only keep your grill clean, they reduce flare ups when grilling steaks and burgers. Use on any type of grill-charcoal, propane, gas, or electric.

Here’s some reasons you will love copper grill mats: According to the Yoshi Copper Grill Mat website, the mats are inexpensive. $10 for 2 mats (and they are reusable, so you will get dozens of uses out of each mat). They are 100% non-stick, infused with real copper and PFOA free. Standard size 13″ x 15.75″. Available at Walmart, Hamrick’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depot.  There are many brands of copper mats available on Amazon.

Cleaning the mats is easy – just brush or wipe off the mat and place it in the dishwasher.

Don’t limit your copper grill mat to just grilling meats, They will grill chicken, vegetables and fish perfectly too. You can bake with these mats too. Perfect for baking cookies or pizza. Easily takes the place of foil and doesn’t roll up on the baking pan like parchment paper tends to do. Imagine never having to grease a baking pan again!

Kitchen Gear Pros rated several brands of copper grill mats on their website. They recommend considering the following when purchasing copper mats: The thickness of the mat. Thicker mats are generally better quality and will be more durable. Larger mats are preferable for grilling because they will cover more surface area on your grill. Copper grill mats are made of either fiberglass or PTFE. PTFE is preferable because of its non-stick qualities.

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Once you discover how great these copper mats work on your grill, you will want to give them to all of your grill loving friends. Makes the perfect gift for any grill master.

Are you ready to make grilling easier this summer with copper mats?