Arby’s new menu item has parents and kids jumping for joy

New Arby's Menu, photo provided by Arby's
New Arby's Menu, photo provided by Arby's /

While Arby’s will always have the meats, this Arby’s new menu item has both parents and kids excited. For the first time, the quick service restaurant will offer all-white meat chicken nuggets. Featured as part of the kids’ meal, parents might want to sneak a taste, too.

For many people, Arby’s is always known as the place to get those infamous roast beef sandwiches. While adults might crave that meat, kids might prefer a different option. Since parents never want to make multiple stops for a meal, a quick service restaurant menu needs to appeal to everyone.

With the Arby’s new menu,  the 4-piece nuggets are a first for the brand. More importantly, Arby’s is looking to stand out from the quick service restaurant crowd by offering “100% whole white meat chicken.” For parents, this option can sway their mealtime decisions.

While parents look for certain food factors, kids just want tasty food. These nuggets have a seasoning breading that kids will enjoy. Not too bold, the flavor is just enough to keep the bite far from boring. Plus, the nuggets are served with a dipping sauce. After all, dipping sauces are the “allowed” way to play with your food.

Since a kid’s meal is often more than just four nuggets, the bonus treat is the new crinkle fries. The crinkle texture makes for super crispy fries. Even the parents might want to “borrow” a fry or two from the kids.

Lastly, the kid’s meal includes Honest Kids Organic Apple Juice. Since many kids prefer a juice to milk, this idea is a smart choice.

This Arby’s new menu item has many people excited. Even though it is mean for a kid’s meal, there might be a few adults who order it via the drive through to “take home” to the kids. No judgments here.

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What is your favorite Arby’s menu item? What do you think of the addition of nuggets?