Why are these restaurants closed on July 4th?

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Don’t want to light the grill on July 4th and rather go to a restaurant? You might want to look before you get into the car. There are restaurants closed on July 4th and some people might need to make other plans. Luckily, those Instacart deals are still just a click away and a variety of other restaurants have tasty food choices, too.

While many people are looking to go out on July 4th, some favorite restaurants are closed for the holiday. For example, Chick-fil-A is closed on July 4th, but that situation is not a total shock. Chick-fil-A is always closed on Sunday and the holiday is on a Sunday this year.

Also, Tijuana Flats is traditionally closed on Sundays. It is also closed on July 4th.

A new restaurant added to the closed list is P.F. Chang’s. The restaurant brand announced that it will close this year.

Although there are restaurants closed, many others will be open on the holiday. From Chili’s to Wendy’s to a variety of other options, there are plenty of places that can provide some tasty food and keep people away from the grill.

Are some grocery stores closed on July 4th?

If you still want to cook for the holiday, there is one big caveat to the celebration. Costco is closed on July 4th. While the Costco closure might have some people wishing that they could grab that Kirkland special, there are other options. After all, Aldi does have a summer grilling feast that costs less than a tank of gas.

For the most part, many stores and restaurants are open for the July 4th holiday. It is always best to check with local places to check any special hours.

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What are you doing for the July 4th holiday? Do you prefer to order in or to cook?