The Tune Squad makes McDonald’s Happy Meals a galactic slam dunk

Tune Squad McDonald's Happy Meal for Space Jam A New Legacy, photo provided by McDonald's
Tune Squad McDonald's Happy Meal for Space Jam A New Legacy, photo provided by McDonald's /

Ready for Space Jam: A New Legacy? Luckily the Tune Squad is bringing its dunking, dribbling and dramatic flair to the McDonald’s Happy Meals. Wonder if parents will order a second Happy Meal for themselves?

Enjoying McDonald’s Happy Meals is more than just another meal at a quick service restaurant. While kids enjoy that their own specially served food in that special “box,” the reality is that each order sparks a little imagination at the table.

Beyond the special “toy,” the Happy Meal often leads to a conversation. From parents sharing their favorite childhood Happy Meals to kids explaining all the nuances of their favorite characters, that food experience can get people to put down the screen and enjoy some real time together.

With the Space Jam: A New Legacy McDonald’s Happy Meals, the infamous Tune Squad makes their triumphant return to the Golden Arches. Although Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Taz and made their appearance back in 1996, the whole group is back in action.

Looking at the 12 different character depictions, everyone seems to be having a “ball.” Even though most people can probably predict that the Tunes will triumphant over the Goons in the movie, these toys can go on their own set of galactic adventures.

These McDonald’s Happy Meals come after the McDonald’s x Diamond Supply Co. x Space Jam: A New Legacy offering. With that hugely successful collaboration, many people are wishing that their reaction time was a little stronger. Luckily, there is a second chance on the table.

According to McDonald’s, Happy Meals ordered via “McDonald’s App (July 6-12) or McDelivery with UberEats (July 13-15) (will be) entered for a chance to score the limited-edition basketball jersey.” It looks like many people have dinner plans at McDonald’s.

As excitement builds for Space Jam: A New Legacy, this collaboration is another example how pop culture and food are connected. When food brings people together, the memories last far longer than just the time at the table.

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What is your favorite Happy Meal collaboration? Have you ever ordered a Happy Meal and it wasn’t for a child?