Are Americans favorite spicy foods fueling their summer food travels?

(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for NYCWFF)
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for NYCWFF) /

The open road can make people hungry for more, but what about those favorite spicy foods? Sure, people might like to scope out that Triple D location or the favorite chef restaurant, but the reality is that certain foods and flavors might be driving all those summer food travel.

Recently, TUMS completed a survey and found that “63% say they look forward to eating meals this summer they haven’t been able to enjoy during the past year’s pandemic.” While many people are craving more social interaction, it is often that food on the plate which brings people together. From wanting that slice of grandma’s apple pie to a slab of your uncle’s award-winning ribs, there are many reasons to get in the car and satisfy that craving.

Even though people seem to be quite hungry, certain foods are more popular than others. Granted, there will be people seek that one of kind ambrosia salad, but not everyone is quite as particular when it comes to certain foods.

Why are Americans drawn to favorite spicy foods?

According to the TUMS survey, the top spicy food choice is tacos. Following tacos, the other favorite spicy foods include salsa, Buffalo Hot wings, and chili. Although tacos and salsa seem like one food item, it appears that the tacos are more than just Tuesday’s dinner.

Although there is a craving for spicy food, the survey didn’t necessarily address the spiciness. Given that everyone’s palate is different, some people might think that green peppers are too extreme while others might say that the ghost pepper might be slightly bland. It really comes down to perspective.

Still, it appears that spicy food and tacos continue to trend. And, tacos do not necessarily have to be a Mexican flavored dish. The LA Food Truck Scene proved that Korean Tacos are worth a special trip.

But, sometimes that craving has a little seed of trepidation. As Amy Sharon, Director at TUMS, said “Our survey found that 36% of Americans avoid spicy food because it gives them heartburn, but after the past year, we aren’t about to allow something like heartburn stand in the way of anyone’s good time. That’s why we are encouraging Americans to dial up the heat this summer and make it one to remember – and TUMS will be there with the quick relief needed to keep the good times rolling, wherever the road takes them.”

And, like any food trend, expect the findings to change at any time. While tacos might be tops today, they could be a forgotten memory tomorrow.

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What do you think of this food trend? Where do you stand on the favorite spicy foods findings?