Tajin Sauces are a new way to enjoy that classic Tajin seasoning

New Tajin Sauces, photo provided by Tajin
New Tajin Sauces, photo provided by Tajin /

It is not a food mirage, because Tajin Sauces are here. Do you put Tajin seasoning on almost everything? If you have ever wanted that flavor transformed into sauce, the opportunity is here, and it is ready to be poured. What will you enjoy with this new condiment?

According to Tajin, the new Tajin Sauces are available in two flavors, Tajín Mild Hot Sauce and Tajín Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce. While not exactly the same as the classic seasoning, the flavor is milder than some other hot sauces. This sauce is about a bold, yet layered flavor that doesn’t just scorch the palate.

Javier Leyva, Tajín International Corp Director for the U.S., said, “Not all people have a palate for very spicy hot sauces. In fact, a substantial number of category users actually prefer a mild-to-medium heat level. These Tajín flavors range from fruity and tangy to mildly spicy, always with the distinctive touch of lime that differentiates the Tajin brand. As a result, consumers will be drawn to these high quality, innovative product options to dip, top, mix and enjoy the snacks they love.”

Those sentiments seem to follow current food trends. According to MARC Group report, provided by Tajin, “the global hot sauce market will reach US$ 5.9 billion by 2025.” While hot sauce might always be on the table, that condiment is more than just a blending of peppers. It is an exploration of flavors and ingredients from around the globe.

What can people expect from the Tajin Sauces?

Similar to the classic Tajun seasoning, the Tajin Sauces feature some of the same flavors. While the chilis are present, the lime and touch of salt in the Tajin Mild Hot Sauce makes it approachable. In many ways, it is that favorite flavor in a blended form.

Thinking about this hot sauce, it would be delightful when paired with classic foods like enchiladas, tacos and even just some grilled chicken. To be a little more adventurous, why not add a little taste to pizza (instead of that hot honey). Or, even consider using the sauce as part of a marinade for pork. Basically, the options are many.

With the Tajin Fruity Chamoy Mild Hot Sauce, the flavor is more tangy. Made with apricots, the fruitiness is clear but it is not sweet. In some ways, this hot sauce would be perfection for that mangonada, a glaze on fruit or other sweet pairings. Although it might not be a topping for ice cream, fruit and this hot sauce opens a lot of possibilities.

The Tajin Sauces are available for purchase on Amazon and select grocery stores. For more information availability, please visit the Tajin website.

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What food would you pair with the Tajin Sauces? Could this new hot sauce be a game changer in your kitchen?