Skittles is asking fans to Squish the Rainbow to help gummi animals

Skittles Squish the Rainbow to save gummi animals photo provided by Skittles
Skittles Squish the Rainbow to save gummi animals photo provided by Skittles /

While everyone loves that candy rainbow, the gummi animals and Skittles want people to Squish the Rainbow. With this special Skittles Gummi Sanctuary, there are plenty of ways to enjoy that favorite gummi candy yet not hard any gummi animals.

Gummi candy has long been a favorite with all ages, but sometimes that sweet treat comes with a tinge of guilt. Biting into that cute bear or even silly worm might make you feel more guilty than the extra calories.

Skittles has a solution, the Skittles Gummi Sanctuary. In honor of National Gummi Day, the candy brand is offering all the gummi animals sanctuary. More importantly, they are asking candy fans to save the candy animals by signing the Squish the Rainbow pledge.

In another “unexpected way” for candy fans to enjoy Skittles, this promotion brings a little silly fun to the candy bowl. As Fernando Rodrigues, Senior Brand Manager for SKITTLES, “With the creation of our SKITTLES Gummi Sanctuary, we hope to provide better moments, more smiles and a playful way for our fans to celebrate National Gummi Day on July 15. The iconic round shape, fruity flavor and squishy, soft chew of SKITTLES Gummies make them unique, and the perfect go-to treat for SKITTLES and gummi candy fans alike.”

The Gummi Sanctuary welcomes all animals. From sharks to fish and worms to bears, those sweet animals will have a place to play all their gummi games. On July 15, everyone can virtually attend the sanctuary’s opening and explore the habitats. From The Squishy Fishy Rive and Yummy Gummi Worm Garden, the gummi animals will be able to “live their best lives.”

While this idea is a little silly, it is a way to re-think gummi candies. Although that classic candy is often animal shaped, it doesn’t have to be. More importantly, the real reason to enjoy gummi candy is for the flavor, not the shape.

With the Skittles Gummies, the candy brand captures those classic rainbow flavors that everyone loves. From berry flavors to citrus flavors, there is an option that always satisfies that craving.

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What do you think of this candy promotion? Are you ready to help the gummi animals?