Gordon Ramsay is set to open his third Hell’s Kitchen restaurant

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While the Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns might be testing Gordon Ramsay’s patience in Season 20, the third Hell’s Kitchen restaurant location in the U.S. is definitely a bright spot. If you have ever wanted a taste of that infamous risotto or beef wellington, even more tables will be ready to welcome diners.

Although these restaurants are not exactly the same as the dinner services seen on the FOX television show, there are elements of that favorite food television show that draw guests into the experience. Even though these guests do not have to worry about just enjoying bread and wine at dinner, the excitement of the kitchen experience is in full effect.

Dining at a Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is a unique experience. From the open kitchen where guests can watch the chefs fire their food to the creative presentations at the table, each and every element of the Gordon Ramsay experience has been perfected. No one has to worry about an imperfect plate making it beyond the pass.

The third Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is set to open at Harrah’s Resort Southern California. As the first location in Southern California, it will have legions of fans clamoring for a table. Given that it will be the largest version of this restaurant yet, hopefully everyone will get a taste of the food that they have longed to enjoy.

Robert Livingston, senior vice president and general manager of Harrah’s Resort Southern California is excited to welcome the Gordon Ramsay restaurant to the location. Specifically, he stated that “Chef Ramsay’s reputation for delivering world-class cuisine, alongside his notoriously fearless personality, creates a thrilling dining experience.”

With construction set to begin this summer, the new restaurant is anticipated to open in 2022. This latest expansion follows the Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips set to open in Orlando this summer. As Ramsay and his food television program grow in popularity, it seems food lovers are craving a taste of his food and his restaurant group is ready to provide that open table.

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Have you dined at Gordon Ramsay restaurant? Was it all that you had craved?