These lemon ALDI Finds shine a light on an important charity

Aldi Alex's Lemonade Stand Promotion, photo provided by Aldi
Aldi Alex's Lemonade Stand Promotion, photo provided by Aldi /

While that shopping cart is always overflowing with great deals, these lemon ALDI Finds need to top this week’s must purchase list. Continuing its partnership with the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, these lemon flavored treats help raise fund and awareness for the charity.

Summer and lemonade stands are often part of childhood memories. Whether that refreshing beverage was sold for a quarter or just traded for a smile, the touch of nostalgia is always welcome.

In some ways, that idea is what drives Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The simple idea of using lemonade to raise funds and awareness to fight pediatric cancer has resonated with many people. The old saying about transforming lemons definitely has application in this situation.

For another year, ALDI has partner with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Available now, this week’s ALDI Finds feature some lemon themed products. When consumers purchase these products, the company will donate to the charity. In addition, customers can make their own donations.

What lemon ALDI Finds should you buy now?

While there are a variety of lemon ALDI Finds at stories, there are a few items that are must buys. Since this event is about the lemonade, the Nature’s Nectar Watermelon Lemonade is a must. This beverage is summer in a glass. Combining those two classic flavors is perfection.

The most fun item on the list is the MoonPie Lemon Pies. The classic treat with a lemon twist will bring smiles to young and old. Whether you enjoy one around the campfire or just take an afternoon break with a sweet treat, the reality is that summer is about enjoying a special treat.

There are several sweet treats on the list. From the Bake Shop Mini Lemon Bites to the Moser Roth Lemon Chocolate Truffles, these treats show how varied lemon flavors can be. Lemon isn’t always about the big pucker.

Lastly, this summer has been a hot one. Luckily, the Sundae Shoppe Frozen Lemonade Bars are on the list. These bars can help anyone cool off on those sunny days. But, you might want to eat them quickly. No one wants melted frozen treats in the sun.

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What is your favorite lemon ALDI Finds? Do you have a favorite summer food memory involving lemonade?