What’s your perfect ice cream match made in heaven?

EDY’S (Dreyer’s) and their new Rock Road Collection, photo provided by EDY'S
EDY’S (Dreyer’s) and their new Rock Road Collection, photo provided by EDY'S /

Ahead of National Ice Cream Day, everyone is talking about that perfect ice cream match. While people can debate favorite flavors, best ice cream toppings and even food trends, the reality is that not every ice cream is the best for every person. Don’t you deserve your perfect match?

Recently, Edy’s has posed this most pondered ice cream question on Instagram. For fans who want to share their opinion, it could win them free ice cream. Which flavor from the Rocky Road Collection is your perfect ice cream match?

Earlier this year, Edy’s announced its Rocky Road Collection. While the brand might be the originator of the Rocky Road ice cream, it is always looking to push the flavor envelope. The flavors in the line are: Salted Caramel Pretzel Path, Chocolate Peanut Butter Park, Brownie Brick Road, Mocha Almond Avenue, Cookie Cobblestone, and The Original Rocky Road.

Although picking a favorite can be a hard choice, the reality is that one of these options just satisfies that craving. But, if everyone in the house has a different opinion, families might need a bigger freezer for all the ice cream containers.

If you want a chance to get some free ice cream, make sure to follow the directions on the Edy’s Instagram page.

Who created National Ice Cream Day?

While food holidays are always a reason to enjoy a special treat, the origins of these food days do vary. Sometimes people just make a declaration. Other food days have a longer history.

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, Ronald Reagan made the declaration in 1984. In that declaration, President Reagan said that “ice cream is a nutritious and wholesome food.” Now, National Ice Cream Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of July.

When this declaration was made, there were far fewer ice cream options than what is available in the freezer today. Now, there are so many options of dairy, non-dairy, plant based and a myriad of other choices. In some ways, every day could be ice cream day.

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How are you celebrating National Ice Cream Day this year?