Jeff Mauro shares his thoughts on Kitchen Crash Season 2, interview

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Recently, Kitchen Crash re-premiered on Food Network, but could a Kitchen Crash Season 2 be in the works.  While the food television show was well received when it first aired in January, the show is finding getting a second run. With more people getting ready to head out to that neighborhood block party, this food competition show might offer the tastiest inspiration.

During a recent conversation as part of his partnership with CESAR Bestie Bowls, Mauro shared with FoodSided some of his thoughts on a Kitchen Crash Season 2. In true Mauro fashion, he did not mince words.

Mauro said that he strongly believes that there will be a Kitchen Crash Season 2. He said that this re-premiere, “is introducing the show to a whole new audience from when it premiered in January.” While he understood that people needed that escape, this show seemed to provide that diversion that people craved.

One of the reasons why Mauro believes that this show resonates is that it is “just such a fun show.” In many ways, it celebrates “the real organic diversity of our country, from block to block, from neighborhood to neighborhood, from state to state.”

There have been many times when Mauro has had people say, “come to my block. I have the worst fridge.” But, everyone wants to be part of the show.

What would Jeff Mauro bring to a block party?

While Mauro might be the Sandwich King, he has a few go to items for a block party or a potluck. Usually, he brings a starter. There are many recipes in his cookbook Come On Over: 111 Fantastic Recipes for the Family That Cooks, Eats, and Laughs Together that fit the bill.

Or, he recommends his classic Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies, a recipe in his cookbook. Basically, a lot of his recommendations are easy, convenient foods that do not necessarily require utensils. After all, that block party is about enjoying good times and good food.

Even though block parties are on the mind, Mauro has another favorite recipe that his son loves to help make on the grill. Right now, his son is all about Smash Burgers. While there is always a jar of giardiniera on the table, the reality is that Smash Burgers are all about the classic condiments.

Mauro said it’s about the “simplicity.” A slice of American cheese from the deli and a toasted, well treated bun with that perfectly grilled burger creates “one of life’s greatest bites.”

And, if all this talk made you hungry, go back and watch Kitchen Crash on Food Network Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Kitchen Crash Season 2 just might be here before you know it.

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What is your favorite Food Network show? Would you like to be on one?