Shake up your Starbucks cold coffee with these barista tips

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Does your Starbucks cold coffee need a little boost? These barista tips are an easy way to shake up your typical order. Without turning that Starbucks order into a long list worthy of Grapes of Wrath, a few tweaks can be a tasty pick me up.

According to Starbucks, more than half of its drinks are cold. While everyone can think about that special Frappuccino or the vibrant refreshers, the reality is that cold beverages seem to quench everyone’s thirst. While some are a touch sweet and others are coffee forward, there are plenty of ways to play with that coffee beverage.

Although there has been various talk about baristas responses to people’s litany of special requests, the reality is that some modifications have been suggested by a hard working and creative barista. These simple tweaks might make people change their signature order.

Barista tips for Starbucks cold coffee

Ristretto shot

If you love that Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso, skip the espresso shot and try a ristretto. Then, add a little drizzle of caramel sauce. Those flavors of malt and almondmilk are the perfect little treat to the day.

Milk Chocolate twist

While many people love a white chocolate mocha, sometimes that option is a little sweet. If you prefer milk chocolate, try half regular chocolate sauce and half white chocolate sauce for a iced milk chocolate mocha.

Sweeter cold brew

The smoothness of a cold brew coffee is always a delightful sip. For another option, turn it into almost a dessert coffee with some white chocolate sauce and a touch of coconutmilk.

Jolt of caffeine

If you love that Blonde Caffe Americano, but the day needs a little more caffeine, You can always ask for an extra shot. The beverage still has the classic crema, but a little more energy in the sip.

Bring a little fruitiness to the sip

If you would like to bring a little fruitiness to that caramel macchiato, you can do that. For example, transform that caramel macchiato with vanilla syrup and a pump of raspberry syrup.

Satisfy that sweet tooth

If you love that Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew, you can make it a little nutter with an easy twist. Consider switching the caramel syrup for white mocha and toffee nut.

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Are you ready to shake up your Starbucks cold coffee order? What is your favorite Starbucks beverage?