Blue Bunny announces the winning ice cream parlors who are the Heart of Fun

Blue Bunny National Ice Cream Day announcement, photo provided by Blue Bunny
Blue Bunny National Ice Cream Day announcement, photo provided by Blue Bunny /

Recently, Blue Bunny kicked off its Heart of Fun program with the help of Nake Berkus. While many people know that Blue Bunny ice cream brings Fun-lightenment, the reality is that the traditional ice cream parlor is that iconic locale that always brings big smiles. Through this special program, the brand is picking up the tabs at winning ice cream parlors around the nation. Did your choice earn the grand prize?

Earlier this month, Blue Bunny partnered with Nate Berkus on the Heart of Fun initiative. As Berkus said, “Every summer, my family’s favorite thing to do is visit our local ice cream parlor. It’s about more than ice cream – it’s about having a place to spend quality time together and make memories.”

Like many small businesses, some ice cream parlors need that little extra boost. Although some ice cream parlors thrive in summer, that seasonal selling needs to be robust. After a year that wasn’t, it is time to give a scoop back to those in need.

Through the Heart of Fun program, the company asked everyone to submit their favorite ice cream parlors. As Jamee Pearlstein, director of brand marketing for Blue Bunny, said “Ice cream parlors are a part of Blue Bunny’s heritage, and knowing that many have been struggling after an unprecedented year, we want to help them to continue to do what they do best – be the anchor of fun in their communities.”

Blue Bunny Heart of Fun National Ice Cream Day winners
Blue Bunny National Ice Cream Day announcement, photo provided by Blue Bunny /

Which ice cream parlors did Blue Bunny announce as Heart of Fun winner?

As part of the Heart of Fun event, the winners were announced on National Ice Cream Day. While there are many celebrations on the food holiday, this event is celebrated all week long. In addition to the grand prize winner, the various ice cream parlors have been given $1,000 tabs on select days to offer free ice cream to its guests.

The Parlor Tab winners include:

  • Killbuck Sweet Shoppe Killbuck, Ohio, Tab open on 7/23 ($5,000 grant + tab recipient)
  • Mt. Peak Sweet Treats Enumclaw, WA, Tab open on 7/23 ($5,000 grant + tab recipient)
  • Bill’s Place Santa Rosa, NM, Tab open on 7/23 ($5,000 grant + tab recipient)
  • Delectable Delights Ice Cream Truck, Milwaukee, WI
  • The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor & Confectionary, La Crosse, WI, Tab open on 7/19
  • Sugar Mamas Ice Cream Truck, Buffalo, MN, Tab open on 7/21
  • Swiss Swirl, Brooklyn, MI, Tab open on 7/23
  • Cardy’s Sugar Bowl, Lodi, NJ
  • Jay’s Wondertreats, Beaufort, SC, Tab open on 7/19
  • Mobile Sugar Shack, Gilbert, AZ, Tab open on 7/21
  • ElemeN7ts by NitroGirl, Lanoka Harbor, NJ, Tab open on 7/21
  • Uli’s Gelateria, Mid City and Downtown Los Angeles, CA, Tab open on 7/20
  • The Lyric Soda Fountain, Miami, AZ, Tab open on grand opening 10/23
  • Monster Shakes, Palm Springs, CA, Tab open on 7/20
  • Parlour, Ardmore, PA, Tab open on 7/19
  • Frosty’s, Whitewood, SD, Tab open on 7/23
  • Scoop and Score, Cedar Park, TX, Tab open on 7/19
  • Bunny Tunes Ice Cream, San Antonio, TX
  • La Michoacana Antojitos Mexicanos, Athens, GA, Tab open on 7/19
  • Ice Cream Jubilee, Washington D.C., Tab open on 7/22

The Heart of Fun Grand Prize winner is The Ice Storm. As part of their prize, the location will receive “$55,000 that includes a grant, Blue Bunny product, a refresh of their space and a celebration in their hometown to reveal their new look on Saturday, July 31.”

Located in Goldsboro, North Carolina, the ice cream parlor is known for its Ice Cream Nachos. Over the past year, the location struggled after having to be shut down due to the pandemic. Now, the hope is to look ahead to a sweeter future.

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Whether it is National Ice Cream Day, celebrating a special event or just satisfying a craving, head to those local ice cream parlors. Life is sweeter with ice cream and that scoop of fun is always part of the plan.