Transform a classic daiquiri cocktail with these celebrated rums

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Zacapa Rum)
(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Zacapa Rum) /

Like a simple recipe, a classic daiquiri  cocktail is only as good as the ingredients used. When this cocktail is mastered, the simplicity is celebrated in each sip. Which rum deserves to be one of the three ingredients in the glass?

While the exact origin of the classic daiquiri cocktail can be muddled, the reality is that the real cocktail is far different from the frozen varieties that people see on their vacation getaways. Although those fruity concoctions delight with their bright colors, the nuance of the classic daiquiri cocktail is somewhat lost.

Basically, a daiquiri is just lime juice, sugar and rum. While there are variations, the reality is that simplicity is key in this cocktail. Of course, fresh lime juice is a must. But, really it is about choosing the rum wisely.

Often, a white rum is used in a daiquiri. While there are many well-known brands on the shelf, it is time to discover a new option, like Copalli.

Copalli is a “Organic single estate rum made from an all organic farm in the heart of the rainforest in Southern Belize.” While many people think of rum from tropical locations, this offering focuses on the hows and why the rum comes to the bottle. Care is crafted into every sip.

Made with just three ingredients, including pure cane sugar and “canopy water from the rainforest” that heirloom sugar cane brings the nuance to the rum. As the first organic certified farm in Belize, the commitment and care in each bottle is a priority.

When it comes to using Copalli white rum in a daiquiri, the taste is clear. While there is a slight sweetness in the aroma, the brightness from the lime and citrus makes it perfection. This rum celebrates simplicity and deserves to be the star of the glass.

Copalli is available at various liquor stores and can be purchased online where available.

While white rum is often used in a daiquiri, an aged rum, like Zacapa Rum, can bring a touch of elegance to the glass. Zacapa Rum is aged 23 years, the rum aged above the clouds offers a celestial experience in each sip.

With the guidance of master blender Lorena Vásquez, one of the master female blenders, the Zacapa Rum is robust. A great sipping rum, it can be used in a cocktail, too.

Given that a daiquiri is just three ingredients, the Zacapa 23 shouldn’t be overpowered. The smoothness with a touch of lime doesn’t need a lot of extras. In some ways, that sipping rum opens the door to a whole new set of possibilities.

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Isn’t it time to rediscover what a classic daiquiri cocktail can be with a celebrated rum. It is time to take a sip and enjoy.