Alfonso Ribeiro has a tasty solution to break out of that lunch rut

Alfonso Ribeiro for Cheez-Its, photo provided by Cheez-Its
Alfonso Ribeiro for Cheez-Its, photo provided by Cheez-Its /

Besides staring at a refrigerator and saying there is nothing to eat, a lunch rut is equally as frustrating. Luckily, Alfonso Ribeiro and Cheez-It Snap’d have the solution to break out of that bland routine. Ready to add some crunch to the conversation?

While breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, the reality is that lunch is the food that fills the day. Even though that typical lunch routine might have changed in the past year, the reality is that no one really wants to eat the same foods day after day. There might be some comfort in food, but the reality is that no one wants boring food.

Recently, Cheez-It Snap’d and Alfonso Ribeiro have partnered on ‘Snap’d My Sandwich‘. This idea celebrates the concept that it is time to ditch the plain sandwich or boring chips and snap into a tastier snack choice.

FoodSided spoke with Alfonso Ribeiro about how to snap out of that boring lunch rut.

When it comes to sandwiches and lunches, not all plates are created equal. In the Ribeiro household, the sandwiches for the adults and the kids are very different.

For example, Ribeiro shared that his wife would make him a substantial sandwich with a variety of meats combined with lettuce, tomato and some cheddar cheese. Plus, a side of Cheez-It Snap’d in his favorite Cheddar flavor.

For his kids, the sandwich is a different story. Ribeiro shared that his youngest son is all about the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but not a traditional sandwich. He said, it is all about the “open faced peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” He will eat one half at a time and savor all that deliciousness.

Although it seems that his son is a little food adventurous, Ribeiro is a little more traditional with his food choices. For example, his favorite Cheez-It Snap’d flavor is the double cheddar cheese.

And, his love of cheddar isn’t limited to just snacks. Ribeiro shared that he is “all about the cheddar.” From topping a burger to on a sandwich, that classic cheddar is his top choice.

Why does Alfonso Ribeiro believe that a little laughter needs to be served more often?

While Cheez-It might have prime space on the plate for Ribeiro, the truth is that he appreciates that the day can be even better with a little more laughter. As the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Ribeiro has had a prime seat to bring some much-needed laughter into people’s homes.

Ribeiro shared, “we always need to keep a little laughter in our lives and laughter in our world. I think that AFV does a great job of making people come together and laugh.”

He continued on to discuss why AFV resonates with all ages, genders and demographics. Specifically, he said, “AFV is a show that everybody can come together, sit down on a couch and laugh together. Some people will laugh at certain videos and other people laugh at different ones, but they’re still sitting together and laughing together. We forget how important the family bond the family time together.”

From the family who has an AFV Sunday night ritual or has another way of coming together to enjoy the moment, the reality is that rituals can be a good thing. But, a lunchtime rut might be a little too bland. Just like those funny videos add a little humor to the mix, let Cheez-It Snap’d add a little boost to the plate.

And, share your sad sandwich with Alfonso Ribeiro on socials for a chance to “win a year’s supply of Cheez-It Snap’d and $10,000 to level up lunch.” Isn’t it time to snap out of that food rut?

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How do you enjoy Cheez-Its Snap’d? Do you have a suggestion on how to say goodbye to that boring lunch?