Coffee mate gives pumpkin spice lattes an oat milk twist

New Coffeemate fall flavors, photo provided by Coffeemate
New Coffeemate fall flavors, photo provided by Coffeemate /

Are you ready for pumpkin spice lattes? While fall’s favorite flavor seems to take over all the food and beverage options, now there is a new choice for those who perfect oat milk. If you have tabled that PSL craving because your favorite creamer wasn’t on the shelf, the fall season is now even sweeter thanks to Coffee mate.

Oat milk has surged in popularity over the past year. Beyond the rise in plant-based foods, many people just prefer the taste and creaminess of this dairy alternative. Now, oat milk is taking on seasonal flavors.

For the fall, natural bliss Pumpkin Spice flavored oat milk creamer is here to give everyone an opportunity to enjoy that seasonal favorite. With a touch of sweetness and mild spice, this flavor is warm and comforting. That first aroma of baked pumpkin will make that day even better.

By adding this new seasonal oat milk option, it seems to set the expectation that plant-based coffee creamers will join the seasonal offerings. While the pumpkin spice is the first one, it seems likely that peppermint mocha and other options will be coming in the near future.

Besides pumpkin spice lattes, what other Coffee mate seasonal flavors are coming to stores?

While the pumpkin spice lattes might be the fall favorite, it isn’t the only flavor that is new to the line. In addition, there is natural bliss Cinnamon Swirl Latte flavored creamer. The cinnamon and sugar flavor is a classic. Without being too sweet, the spiciness of the cinnamon has people coming back for more.

Of course, Coffee mate has a variety of other seasonal options on the shelf. Too. From Coffee Mate Peppermint Mocha Creamer to the Coffee mate Toll House Cookies ‘n Cocoa Creamer, the fall season is all about the sweet flavors in that coffee mug.

Even though many people have their preferred daily coffee routine, the seasonal offerings are always well received. Although the spring may not have as many options, the fall and winter are full of specialty flavors. Maybe those chilly temperatures just make people want a warm, comforting cup of coffee.

The Coffee mate seasonal offerings will be available at various retailers. Prices and availability may vary.

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Do you look forward to seasonal coffee offerings? What is your favorite seasonal coffee flavor?