Natural Bliss turns that morning coffee routine into a functional beverage

New Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer, photo provided by Natural Bliss
New Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer, photo provided by Natural Bliss /

Give that morning coffee routine a boost thanks to Natural Bliss.

Now you don’t have to feel guilty about that morning coffee versus that green juice. With the new Natural Bliss functional coffee creamers, that coffee has more than just a caffeine boost. You might even want a second cup to start your day.

For many people, Natural Bliss is part of the coffee routine. While the stop at the local coffee shop has been replaced with the at home coffee bar, coffee drinkers are becoming even more savvy. Beyond wanting that delicious coffee flavor, that morning beverage needs to offer a little more benefit to start the day.

Recently, consumers have become more aware of functional food and beverages. While healthy eating is often a priority for many people, the concept that certain foods and ingredients can have added benefits has seen a surge in popularity.

Terms like probiotics, prebiotics and macronutrients are starting to be featured on labels. Food is now more than just satisfying a hunger; food serves a bigger purpose.

The Natural Bliss Plant Based Vanilla Flavored Creamer with Prebiotic Fiber contains 3 g of fiber per 4 tbsp serving. A prebiotic helps to feed probiotics, which assist with gut health.

Since fiber is considered good for overall digestive health, many people look for ways to increase it. Some people would prefer this coffee creamer over a plate of broccoli. Doesn’t a blend of oat and almond milk with Madagascar vanilla flavor sound like a better addition to a cup of coffee?

Also, the new natural bliss Plant Based Sweet Almond Flavored Creamer with Protein and MCT Oil incorporates plant-based protein from peas and oats. Also, MCT Oil is a type of fat, like the fat found in coconut oil.

The idea is that this 5 g plant based protein will help turn that cup of coffee into fuel for your day. While it isn’t the same as a protein shake, it can be that extra boost to that morning routine.

Overall, these coffee creamer options show that traditional, favorite foods are transforming their ingredients without altering the flavors that people want. Now, having better for you options doesn’t come with a sacrifice. Brands have found a way to find that balance and consumers are seeking out those products.

As 2021 beginning, the Natural Bliss line has many new options. From the functional beverage coffee creamers to the new Almond Sweet Crème and Brown Sugar Oat Milk flavors, the coffee creamer section is full of variety. Black coffee just might be passe.

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What is your preferred way to enjoy your morning coffee routine? What do you think of turning coffee into a functional beverage?