Afternoon rituals can lead to a moment of calm refreshment

TAZO Tea, photo by Cristine Struble
TAZO Tea, photo by Cristine Struble /

While morning routines can be exacting, creating afternoon rituals might not be quite as common. Although that calm refreshment might be the break that re-centers the day, it needs to become a priority. Even as the glass is empty and waiting, the beverage needs to be within the grasp. Luckily. TAZO has the iced tea solution.

Many people turn to TAZO tea has their preferred tea beverage. From tea bags to K-Cups to lattes and mixes, the brand has a wide variety of beverage choices. Considered the “unexpected tea makers,” the reality is that these teas are not about the pinky out moment. They are meant to take the time discover the many flavors that are crafted into every sip.

Although some people can discuss the nuances of coffee beans and the impact of various regions around the globe, tea is just as layered. That tea is a combination of factors. From the leaves to the locale to even how it is sipped in the moment, the reality is that each element comes together to make that enjoyable experience.

TAZO believes in embracing all the qualities that goes into that beverage enjoyment. From the person who wants a touch of adventure to the desire for a moment of calm, the reality is that tea holds a lot of possibilities in that cup.

Creating afternoon rituals invites a moment of creative contemplation.

Recently, TAZO added to its bottle organic tea line. The larger sized bottle of its organic iced tea, is available in Organic Calm, Organic Zen, Organic Passion and Organic Awake. Although Sheldon Cooper might have his box of tea bags ready for any occasion, this bottled iced tea makes starting afternoon rituals a little more convenient.

Even though some people might scoff at the idea of scheduling that “break” during the day, it might be as vital as the morning run. With all the talk of healthy eating, lifestyle choices and appreciating balance, adding an off time to the calendar is a positive. More importantly, it can reset the intention for the remainder of the day.

Many people can feel overwhelmed by the moment. From the workday that seems never ending to the lack of alone time because people are always at home, the importance of creating those afternoon rituals have been heightened.

Personally, just taking five minutes to step away from the laptop, phone or other distractions has been vital. Even though it isn’t a huge production, pouring a glass of the TAZO Organic Calm, writing a sentence in a journal and just pushing the other thoughts away are the few moments that seem to make everything else less overwhelming.

Since the TAZO Organic Calm has chamomile and herbs, the ingredients help to promote that feeling of being centered. Although not a magical sip, it helps to set the intention. From the inviting aroma to the smoothness in the enjoyment, it invites you to let go of the noise and focus on the calm.

While the TAZO Organic Calm has become part of my afternoon rituals, other people might prefer to take a different approach. From looking to invigorate the morning with bold black tea to that appreciating the balance in that Organic Zen, the truth is that food and beverages can impact the mood.

Even for those people who want to spark a little escape, the flavors in the Organic Passion might be their preference. With flavors of hibiscus, orange peel and cinnamon, it is a lush escape in a glass.

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The TAZO bottled iced teas are available at various retailers and more information can be found online.

Are you ready to embrace afternoon rituals one sip at a time? How do you use food and beverages to reset your day?