Melissa Joan Hart shares this advice about Eggoji waffles at the breakfast table

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Like many people, Eggo waffles are a breakfast staple, and that includes Melissa Joan Hart and her family. While people can debate their favorite flavor, how to eat them or the perfect amount of syrup, the reality is that those little circles on the plate always bring smiles.

Recently, Melissa Joan Hart partnered with Eggo waffles on its new Eggoji, which feature emojis designs. While a waffle can often bring cheers at the breakfast table, the reality is that those plates hold more than a tasty way to start the day.

The idea behind Eggoji is to spread small wins and smiles. Granted, parents might be ready for the kids to make their own breakfast or put the tiredness to bed, the truth is that the little moments deserve to be celebrated. From everyone eating their fruit to no one spilling on their shirt, there are plenty of wins even on the most unpredictable days.

Melissa Joan Hart thinks Eggoji can be a breakfast table win.

Recently, FoodSided was able to ask Hart about her breakfast table routine with her family. Although some kids think that they might be too old for a little fun in the morning routine, Hart has some straight forward advice.

Hart said, “I don’t think you’re ever too old to bring emojis to the breakfast table. I’m sure there are plenty of things I do that embarrass my kids, but Eggoji waffles are always a win-win in my household. My kids love them – even when I’m imitating the closed eye big smile Eggoji face – and I feel good about giving them a nice, warm breakfast. I feel like these waffles give me even more permission to be goofy with my kids in the morning, and starting each day with a laugh gets two thumbs up in my book.”

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If you want to get a laugh to start the day, why not serve a plate of Eggoji waffles. It might be the spark to making a day a little brighter.