Waterparks make a splash with flavorful food offerings

Blizzard Beach Food, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Blizzard Beach Food, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

Although the crash of the waves and the thrill of the water slides call, waterparks food offerings are just as important as all the splashing fun. While some traditional theme park food is always on the menu, many waterparks are elevating the menus with bolder choices.

Whether it is a scorching hot summer or a diversion from another roller coaster, waterparks are a summertime tradition. Even though many people love the big thrills, these theme parks tend to bring all ages and adventure seekers together. Just because one person can’t get enough of the steep plunge, another person is happy to float down that lazy river.

Since a day at a waterpark is not a short one, the food choices need to be robust. Just like those long days at the beach, people just seem to be hungrier when they are around water.

Similar to theme park food trends, the menus are more than just another hot dog, hamburger or chicken nugget. From incorporating food themes to adopting food trends, some people might just head to the waterpark for a bite to eat.

Waterparks food offerings are flavorful experience.

Volcano Bay

Once guests step under the Volcano Bay sign, they are transported to a South Pacific escape. While the attractions easily incorporate that concept, the food embraces that area as well. From the plantain chips served with the meal to the seasonings used in the dishes, the food is an island adventure.

While there are a variety of traditional dishes with a little island flare, dishes like the poke and even the sticky ribs are must try. Even though you’re eating in a bathing suit, these food offerings are as good as any sit down restaurant.

Of course, the most talked about Volcano Bay treat is the Waturi Fusion Ice Cream Cone. The multi-colored, multi-flavored treat is the must have food at Volcano Bay. Just don’t take too long to eat it. It can melt quickly in the Florida heat.

Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney World always has great food choices throughout its theme parks and Blizzard Beach has reinvigorated its food offerings. From some tasty flatbreads to creative hot dogs, there is a big bite waiting to satisfy that food craving.

With little food stops throughout Blizzard Beach, it can be fun to graze your way throughout the day. From a snack mid-morning to a bigger bite later in the day, there are plenty of options for everyone in the party.

And, for the adults, don’t forget to imbibe in a cocktail. Even though the wintery wonderland is the theme, these cocktails are a tropical delight.

Dollywood Splash Country

While everyone knows about the iconic Dollywood Cinnamon Bread, the Dollywood Splash Country has a bevvy of tasty treats, too. From classic burgers and nods to the Smoky Mountain region, the varied menu is perfect for families.

And, since going to a theme park is all about indulging in a treat or two, the Berries N Cream Ice cream shop is a must stop. Definitely order the Berries ‘n Cream, because that classic combination is perfect on a hot day.

Lastly, if you have never had BeaverTails, Dollywood offers them. And, yes, that little squeeze of lemon with the cinnamon sugar is a food find that you want to have time and again.

These waterpark food offerings are just a small selection. Just like theme parks are pushing the creativity with their food choices, waterparks are upping the ante, too. After all that splashing fun, who wouldn’t be hungry. And, don’t worry about that old 30 minute rule for eating and swimming. It’s an old wives tale.

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What is your favorite waterparks food offerings?