Andy Grammer hits all the right notes with the Quaker Chewy Camp Track, exclusive

Andy Grammer and daughter Louie swing into summertime with the best play date ever: singing his new summer anthem for Quaker Chewy called “C.A.M.P.”. PHOTO by: Michael Simon
Andy Grammer and daughter Louie swing into summertime with the best play date ever: singing his new summer anthem for Quaker Chewy called “C.A.M.P.”. PHOTO by: Michael Simon /

Ready to clap to the beat and sing loud because the Quaker Chewy Camp Track is here. Andy Grammer and his daughter have set everyone’s lyrical suggestions to a catchy camp song that is the track of the summer.

Earlier this summer Quaker Chewy and Grammer asked people to submit their lyrical suggestions for the ultimate Chewy Camp Track. While certain camp moments are forever etched in people’s memories, this song was a lovely opportunity to bring people together over music. Whether it was that silliness of just being a kid to the tastes of summer, the reality is that camp holds a special place in many people’s lives.

While the special song was engaging, the event was more than just a campfire treat. It was about bringing the joys of camp to more people.

As Kristin Kroepfl, Vice President and CMO of Quaker Foods North America, said, Quaker Chewy recognizes the pivotal role that play has in a child’s life and we’re committed to helping make play more equitable. We are proud to donate $200,000 to the American Camp Association, which will help fund scholarships that will allow more kids to go to camp this summer and next.”

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Andy Grammer about his process of bringing together everyone’s lyrical suggestions into this highly engaging song. Grammer shared that “sometimes simple is the way to go” and all the lyric suggestions “worked out perfectly compiling them.”

Since this whole concept built on having a little fun, Grammer shared that “I basically took all the submissions and I printed them out. There were a lot of them, and I put them all over my studio floor, and just started kind of putting them together.”

As he went through the process, Grammer found some commonalities in the suggestions. He shared that the ideas are about the simple joyful moments. After all, Grammer believes that “happiness can’t help but make people smile.”

If you are ready to spell “CAMP” and sign along, check out the Chewy Camp Track featuring Andy Grammer and his daughter.

While Grammer had previously shared that he enjoys making silly little songs around the house, he might just have a new collaborator with his daughter. Grammer said that his daughter “pushed me pretty hard” on this song but it was a lovely way to share a love of music with her.

When asked, Grammer believes that those moments of sharing music can spark some great conversations. For example when that song comes on the radio, Grammer said, “tell stories about what this song meant to you. when it happened.”

In some ways, that connection to the past is rooted in both the present and the future. Grammer said, “being inspired by something from the past and mixing with it and adding your own little flavor” is part of the creative process. Whether it is a collaboration like the Chewy Camp Track, a little song while doing the dishes or something even more elaborate, the reality is that creativity is always around if people are willing to embrace it.

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And, don’t forget to fuel that creativity with some Quaker Chewy granola bars. Never let hungry curb that creativity.