Buddy vs Duff Season 3 episode 3 recap: Riding in style but with the same results

Host Buddy Valastro lays in the car seats for his car-themed cake, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 3. Photo provided by Food Network
Host Buddy Valastro lays in the car seats for his car-themed cake, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 3. Photo provided by Food Network /

While Buddy Valastro has a slight lead going into Buddy vs Duff Season 3 episode 3, the competition revved up to a new level with this theme. Could these car themed cakes put the pedal to the metal in the heated competition?

When it comes to Food Network competitions, there are only so many themes that can be used. Sure, all the fans want to see bigger, better and more impressive cake, but some ideas just might not be feasible. Although Duff has made floating cakes and Buddy has showcased impressive structures, the reality is that cake artistry can have its limitations.

For this episode, the theme is sweet rides, and it might sound familiar. During Buddy vs Duff Season 1, cars were the first episode and the outcome had Buddy leaving the building. Even though cooler heads prevailed, it might be best to have this episode’s challenge take a different approach.

Which Buddy vs Duff Season 3 episode 3 car sparkled and shined?

Looking at the two cars, they were very impressive cake displays. Although it is early in the season, the cake displays are quite large and seem to be getting larger. This week the cakes were almost 8-feet long.

One interesting aspect to this challenge was that the cars seemed to reflect East Coast vs West Coast with Buddy’s Chevy convertible versus Duff’s lowrider. Although this concept wasn’t really discussed, it was an interesting circumstance that seemed to exemplify the differences in the two teams’ styles.

The battle of American cars really came down to the little details. And, in some cases, the video judging might give one display an advantage over another. While some intricacies might shine in person, the video might mute those items.

For example, Buddy’s chocolate wheels were amazing, but it was hard to see the depth in that component. At the same time, the spokes in Duff’s wheels were more apparent.

But, other elements clearly stood out. Buddy’s isomalt windshield was a huge statement, but he had missteps on his mirrors. On the other hand, Duff missed an opportunity with the windshield on his car. That element fell flat.

Which sweet ride rolled to victory in Buddy vs Duff Season 3 episode 3?

Duff’s car was very realistic. From the hand-painted details on the hood to the Dia de los Muertos art under the hood, everything worked together to tell a single story. Even the bear elements made the whole car a wonderful balance between fantasy and reality.

But, Duff had issues. Almost every time that his team tries to do some big element, it goes array. The lowrider never bounced like people wanted. Even with the smoke and lights, missing the movement element was a distraction.

Buddy took on a big challenge. While the size of his car was similar to Duff’s, the choice to do a convertible added a lot of work. From the tufted seats to the details on the dashboard, it was a lot to accomplish.

Still, Buddy delivered on all of his promises. Even without any tricks or gags, this car earned high praise from all the judges.

When the score was revealed, the outcome was closer than anyone had anticipated. It was 230 points for Duff and 232 points for Buddy. With that slight edge, Buddy continues his lead.

Even though there is a big point difference between them, Duff might be revving his engine and will be ready to make his move and pass Buddy on the leaderboard. It is a long season, and the finish line is far in the distance.

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What did you think of Buddy vs Duff Season 3 episode 3? Do you think that an early lead will be too hard to overcome?