Can you handle the fiery flavors on the Red Robin Summer Heat Wave menu?

New Red Robin Menu Summer Heat Wave Menu, photo provided by Red Robin
New Red Robin Menu Summer Heat Wave Menu, photo provided by Red Robin /

While those burgers and fries always satisfy, the Red Robin Summer Heat Wave menu is not for the flavor timid. Just like those scorching summer temperatures, these limited time menu offerings are definitely bringing the heat. You might want to have that milkshake within reach to cool off those tastebuds.

Limited time menu offerings excite restaurant fans. Often tied to seasonal flavors or special events, these items entice guests to make a special visit. Although the favorite menu item will never truly be replaced, the reality is that a twist on a classic brings excitement.

Red Robin has used its limited time menu offerings to try some new flavors and embrace food trends. As seen with this current promotion, the brand shows that spicy food has a big audience.

Jonathan Muhtar, Red Robin Executive Vice President & Chief Concept Officer, said “We wanted to spice things up this summer with new limited-time menu features that we knew our guests could get excited about. Red Robin invites anyone who can handle a little heat to try out all of our delicious new options while they are still available.”

What food is on the Red Robin Summer Heat Wave menu?

For the Red Robin Summer Heat Wave menu, the restaurant has added three food choices. They are Scorpion Gourmet Burger, Scorpion Wings and Pineapple Chile Margarita. To say that these limited time menu offerings are for the spice lover is an understatement.

The most approachable item on this limited time menu is the Pineapple Chile Margarita. While the cocktail has a chili poblano liqueur and a jalapeno slice, the flavor has a slow burn. The sweetness from the pineapple juice tempers the heat. And, if it still is a little too bold, ask to mix salt and sugar on the rim. Sugar always brings down the heat.

For the spice lover, the Scorpion Gourmet Burger gets its bold flavor from the Scorpion Pepper Sauce. Used both as a topping and in roasting the jalapenos, there is no hiding from the heat. While the roasted garlic aioli adds a little balance, this burger is all about the extreme heat.

At the same time, it isn’t just one heat note. While the Scorpion Pepper Sauce is the boldest flavor, the fried jalapeno coins and Pepper Jack cheese add a variety to the heat levels. It is almost like a roller coaster of flavors that hit highs and lows in every bite.

If burgers aren’t the big draw, the Scorpion Wings are definitely a must try. While many brands bring extreme heat to their wings, this limited time menu option has a little spicy and sweet kick. Drizzled with the Whiskey River BBQ Sauce, that sweetness makes people go back for another kick of the spice.

Although the Scorpion Wings are part of the Red Robin Summer Heat Wave menu, these wings would be great during football season. Just think of the fun that could be had with all those tailgating options.

While Red Robin is ending the summer with the heat, there are some other options that can help guests cool off from the spice. For example, the Blue Bunny Super Fudge Brownie Load’d Bar is part of the menu. From the chocolate fudge and brownies mixed into the chocolate frozen dairy dessert to the chocolate cookie crunch, this dessert is definitely a sweet extreme.

Or, if you prefer to drink your treat, the Gold Fashion featuring Jim Beam Bourbon and Grand Marnier, is a lovely contrast to all the spicy flavors.

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The Red Robin Summer Heat Wave menu is available for a limited time at participating restaurants.

What do you think of these new menu options? Can you handle all the heat?