Studio Ramsay Global will be a food television game changer

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Studio Ramsay Global, the Fox Entertainment and Gordon Ramsay production company could become the new food television juggernaut that will forever change this type of lifestyle programming for the near future. Building on the success of Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef and even 24 Hours to Hell and Back, the collaboration looks to not only build on those fiery moments behind the pass but opens the door to a lifestyle brand that has limitless potential.

Looking at food television, the amount of programming can fill more than 24 hours a day. While the Food Network might have been the first to explore putting chefs front and center on the screen as both teacher and entertainer, its success has spurred all types of food-centric shows. From competitions to teaching to lifestyle, the classic idea of the kitchen as the gathering place has taken an all encompassing meaning.

In the recent announcement, this new entity will focus on the intellectual property rights and resources in the global cooking and lifestyle program space. Given that broad statement, it seems likely that this brand is more than just entertainment on the screen. It could be quite possible to see the integration into people’s homes, like with kitchen essentials, food platforms and more.

Ramsay said. “We’ll be creating food and lifestyle ideas, but also developing an incredible new talent pool of food, drink and industry leaders to create our own culinary talent branch.” This statement leads people to believe that other chefs who have been featured on Ramsay’s shows could have a space to share their stories. Why couldn’t Aaron Sanchez have his own series or couldn’t there be a follow-up series on former Hell’s Kitchen contestants?

Given the number of chefs that have been featured Ramsay’s shows, the long list of culinary talent is vast. In addition, this company could be strong vehicle to highlight emerging food talents. Sometimes it is better to be the leader not the follower.

For now, the previously filmed seasons of Hell’s Kitchen Young Guns and MasterChef Legends will satisfy that craving for more Gordon Ramsay. With Next Level Chef being the first production under this umbrella, it will be interesting to see if that series will offer insight to the direction of this new entity.

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How do you think Studio Ramsay Global will impact food television? Can you think of some chefs that have been features on Ramsay’s shows that deserve their own show?