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What is the most difficult MasterChef Challenge? As a new set of home cooks takes to the MasterChef Legends kitchen, Aaron Sanchez shared his thoughts on the popular FOX culinary competition. Even though the celebrated chef doesn’t necessarily step behind the stove in this show, each new season brings a new piece of knowledge to the table.

Each episode of MasterChef Legends presents a new challenge. Beyond the signature dishes from the auditions, each task looks to test the home cooks skills. Although some cooks might be better suited for one challenge over another, Sanchez has clear thoughts on which one is the most difficult.

In a recent conversation with FoodSided, Sanchez revealed his opinion on the most difficult MasterChef challenge. He said, “I think the mystery box is the most telling of what they have to show because they have to think on their feet and be able to pull things out of their culinary toolbox very quickly and effectively.”

Many home cooks and even professional chefs would agree with that assessment, the ability to think, adapt and execute is very important to any cook. Whether it is in the professional kitchen when an ingredient is no longer available or the home cook that must cook from the pantry, being able to create a delicious meal with just the food presented is a tremendous skill.

How can home cooks adapt a MasterChef challenge to the real world?

Many people watch these culinary competitions not just for entertainment but also for cooking inspiration. Whether it is trying to channel that inner celebrated chef or just wanting to master a skill, these food television shows are almost as important as any cookbook.

For Sanchez, he appreciates that now more than ever the home cook is pushing their skills forward. Sanchez said, “because people are cooking more now than ever I think it has caused a lot of people to find a real passion and interest in other cuisines or techniques.”

That passion for cooking extends beyond the home kitchen. Sanchez believes, “people appreciate service and amazing meals out more now than ever.” Next time that the perfectly plated, deliciously executed meal arrives at a restaurant table, the guest will be even more grateful.

As the home cook looks to be inspired by food television or celebrity chefs, Sanchez is inspired by many of the home cooks on MasterChef. He said, “as a Chef I’m always drawing inspiration from things around me so this is no exception. Sometimes they will do something that’s just a little different and it makes me think about different possibilities for a dish, technique or ingredient.”

With MasterChef Legends, the newest season of the popular food television series looks to push the culinary creativity even more. Whether or not some of these ingredients or flavor combinations influence a new menu item at Sanchez’s Johnny Sanchez restaurant, remains to be seen.

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MasterChef Legends airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Aaron Sanchez owns Johnny Sanchez restaurant in New Orleans, has authored several cookbooks and is an influential voice in the culinary world.

How do food television culinary competitions influence your cooking? Where do you find inspiration for the food on your plate?