Magnum Ice Cream and Rebecca Minkoff create the ultimate food accessory

Magnum Ice Cream and Rebecca Minkoff bag create the ultimate food accessory, photo provided by Magnum
Magnum Ice Cream and Rebecca Minkoff bag create the ultimate food accessory, photo provided by Magnum /

Looking for the ultimate food accessory? Throughout the summer, food fashion has been seen around the table. Whether people match their favorite food with their shirt or prefer to mix and match, it is all about expressing personal style.

For the past 10 years, Magnum Ice Cream has become the decadent ice cream bar. While the brand’s flavors can change periodically, one aspect always remains the same. Each bite is the perfect combination of luscious ice cream and rich chocolate.

From classic vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate to trending flavors like the Ruby chocolate, there is enjoyment in those life’s food experiences. Even Miley Cyrus can appreciate the pleasure in that delicious flavor.

As part of the brand’s 10th anniversary celebration, it looked to one of its favorite partners, Rebecca Minkoff, to create the ultimate food accessory. This custom insulated handbag is the perfect way to bring that favorite frozen treat to any occasion. Who says that you can’t have your ice cream wherever you go?

Previously, the Magnum Ice Cream and Minkoff have collaborated on special events. For example, “Magnum designed a custom ice cream bar inspired by Rebecca’s new collection” in 2016. These types of special collaborations are integral to the brand’s belief that “life is too short to be ordinary.”

Fashion and food lovers will have an opportunity to win this ultimate food accessory. As seen in the photos, the special bag features Rebecca’s signature style. From the gold hardware to the studs, it will fit seamless into any wardrobe. Plus, those ice cream bars will stay perfectly chilled.

Fans can enter to win one on the Magnum website. The giveaway is open now through August 23.

While only a few people will be lucky enough to win one of these bags, everyone can enjoy a Magnum Ice Cream bar. One bite and you can feel transported to food heaven.