The perfect s’mores board is the best way to say goodbye to summer

Perfect S'mores Board, photo provided by La Marca
Perfect S'mores Board, photo provided by La Marca /

While the summer fun feels like it would never end, the reality is that all the festivities have to fade eventually. Whether it is kids heading back to school or the leaves changing color, fall seems to appear overnight. Even as the pumpkin spice food takes over the table, there is one more perfect s’mores board to be enjoyed.

Boards have become the biggest food trend. The idea of being able to graze, choose your own food adventure or something else has excited people. Plus, this food presentation doesn’t require a culinary expert. But, a few tips can turn that board from blah to bodacious.

Recently, La Marca Prosecco partnered with food and lifestyle influencer Julianna Vezza to share her approach to an elevated s’mores board. While everyone knows how to create the classic s’mores, these ideas will turn that campfire classic into an evening to remember.

The most important tip for the perfect s’mores board is simple.

While anyone can put marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers on a plate, it is more than just a pile of food. The most important tip is to focus on presentation.

Before even gathering all the ingredients, think about the presentation. From a wooden board to a marble plate to even a simple baking sheet, the options are many. Think about how, where and when the s’mores will be enjoyed. Those ideas will drive many of the decisions.

Then, focus on the presentation itself. The food needs space on the board. And, just like a great recipe, it needs balance. Different colors and textures need to be highlighted.

Lastly, don’t forget the beverage pairings. A few mini bottles of La Marca Prosecco can add a little pop of color and flavor to the presentation.

s'mores board with La Marca prosecco
La Marca S’mores Board, photo provided by La Marca /

How many types of chocolate should be on the perfect s’mores board?

While people can debate the proper doneness of marshmallows, the chocolate is just as important. Whether it is a classic milk chocolate or a richer dark chocolate, those flavors are just the tip of the iceberg.

From filled chocolates to even that Ruby chocolate, it could be possible to fill a board with chocolate. But, it is important to use some restraint. Consider a few different varieties, like one light, one dark and one filled. It will be visually appealing as well as have flavor options.

Even though s’mores are desserts, some fresh fruit can be quite tasty on the board. Whether eaten in between each creation or added to the other s’mores ingredients, a little fruit can be that bright flavor to balance all the sweetness.

When using fruit on the board, consider the size of each piece. No one will take a huge piece of apple when it won’t fit on the graham cracker.

Plus, fruit is always a tasty choice with La Marca Prosecco. From fresh berries in a glass to even a little slice of pear, fruit and those effervescent bubbles always add burst of fun to the enjoyment.

Can there be too many options on the perfect s’mores board?

From chocolate to fruit to even some salt from pretzels or nuts, it might seem like there are no limits when it comes to creating that delicious s’mores. Even though everyone will have their flavor preference, a little guidance can be helpful.

Consider adding a cheat sheet to the side of the board. From how to create the ultimate peanut butter indulgence for the salty/sweet fan to the sweet indulgence for the chocolate fan, there are so many options on the board.

Or, even think about creating a game to see who can create the best s’mores of the night. The winner could even get a bottle of La Marca Prosecco as a prize.

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Before everyone realizes, summer fun will be fading and chilly nights might not be s’mores weather. Why not get your fill and enjoy one last bite. With the perfect s’mores board, everyone will remember that last sweet memory till the classic dessert comes around again.