Shake Shack brings back the SluttyShack for one day only

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(Photo by Jeenah Moon/Getty Images) /

While some people cannot get enough of those Shake Shack burgers, others would prefer a different food option. As part of the brand’s “Now Serving” series, Pinky Cole and Slutty Vegan team have created the SluttyShack. But, where can you get this one day only food offering?

Vegan food comes in a multitude of options just like people enjoy this type of eating. From the person who chooses the vegan lifestyle to others who prefer a bounty of options in their healthy eating lifestyle, the reality is that vegan food is more than just a boring plate of greens.

Pinky Cole and the Slutty Vegan have changed the conversation on vegan food. The creative flavors and innovative approach have convinced many people to push aside that old school way of thinking and embrace a little more adventurous side.

According to Mark Rosati, Culinary Director of Shake Shack. “Having the chance to collaborate with (Cole) and her team on this burger has been an honor – not only has it been fun and creative, but it’s been inspiring.”

As Pinky Cole, Founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan said, “Our mission isn’t to tell people to go vegan – but rather, to inspire guests to open up horizons with something new and different.” That sentiment couldn’t be clearer with this new offering, the SluttyShack.

Featuring the iconic “secret in the sauce,” the SluttyShack features “Shake Shack veggie patty (only available at select locations) topped with Pinky’s secret Slut Dust, lemon ginger kale, caramelized onions, vegan ranch and vegan mayo on Slutty Vegan’s signature toasted Hawaiian bun.”

While many people will line up to try this vegan burger for the bold combination of flavors, there is another reason to get a second or more bite. Since this offering is part of the “Now Serving” Series, proceeds from the vegan burger will be donated to ROAR, an organization that advocates for New York City’s independent restaurant industry.

The one-day only SluttyShack will be available at the Shake Shack in Harlem, New York on Wednesday, August 11. The vegan burger is priced at $8.49 and can be ordered both at the restaurant and via various online option. Limited quantities are available.

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Are you ready to go a little slutty with your food choice? This vegan burger just might change your outlook.