Refreshing reasons to pop open a bottle on National Prosecco Day

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August 13 is National Prosecco Day and a national food holiday is the perfect excuse to pop open a bottle or two. While there are many types of sparkling wine, prosecco is just one particular type. Although this variety has grown more popular in the past several years, there are a few dos and don’ts when enjoying this beverage.

Just like champagne comes from Champagne region of France, prosecco only comes from the northeast of Italy. While some people might use the term generally, the word really does matter.

Besides the regional differences, prosecco is usually made with Glera grape. The flavors tend to be fruity, sweet and even a touch floral. Overall, the bubbles are abundant and are often described as lively.

While many people might have a bottle of prosecco chilling, La Marca has a few suggestions that make sipping the sparkling wine more enjoyable. After all, on National Prosecco Day, it is best to savor each and every sip.

Ideal serving temperature

Although prosecco should always be stored on its side, preferably away from sunlight, the ideal serving temperature is between 40 to 45 degrees. The bottle can be chilled a couple of hours before serving.

But, don’t try to over chill the sparkling wine. No one wants the bubbles to be overly cold. On the side, prosecco should not be served at room temperature.

Don’t spill a drop

Sure there is a time and place for that red Solo cup, but a great bottle of prosecco deserves a better glass. From a pretty flute to even the stemless flute for parties, there are plenty of glasses that highlight those effervescent bubbles.

Also, use care when pouring the prosecco. Angling the glass helps to avoid any spillage. Unlike those big sports celebrations, it is better to drink the sparkling wine, not wear it.

Where’s the fruit

If you are looking to add a touch of fancy to the glass, consider a fruit garnish. Prosecco pairs well with fruit. From a simple strawberry to maybe even a slice of starfuit, there are a bounty of flavors to excite the palate.

Thoughtful food pairings

While it might be best to skip the heavy foods or too sweet desserts, prosecco is quite versatile. From a spicy seafood dish to even that always popular charcuterie board, there are many food pairings to be enjoyed. Why not explore the smorgasbord of options.

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National Prosecco Day is the perfect excuse to chill, open and enjoy a bottle. What are you waiting for?