Chevrolet celebrates the best of the American spirit with a taste of nostalgia

Guy Fieri Apple Pie Hot Dog, photo provided by Chevy
Guy Fieri Apple Pie Hot Dog, photo provided by Chevy /

From summer road trips to a family food traditions, nostalgic sentiments are seasoning this year’s events. That hot dog at the baseball game just tastes better, the laughs seem more plentiful, and that sense of gratitude is overflowing. In some ways, it is the perfect time for Chevrolet to bring back its iconic jingle and celebrate the American spirit.

Ahead of the MLB at Field of Dreams Game in Iowa, Chevrolet partnered with Guy Fieri to bring one of its nostalgic commercials to life in an innovative way. While some people might recall that catchy tune about baseball, hot dogs, apple and Chevrolet, it might be time to sing it again. Or, for this special event bring put all those ideas together in a single bite.

Thanks for Guy Fieri, he created the ultimate Apple Pie Hot Dog. While some people might have never thought put together all those flavors in a single bite, it is a taste of pure Americana.

From the fans at the MLB at Field of Dreams game or food lovers who recreate the recipe at home, the special food is more than just an innovative take on a hot dog. In some ways, it is a celebration of Chevrolet and that sense of American ingenuity.

Why did Chevrolet bring back its iconic All-American jingle?

According to a Chevy spokesperson, “Chevrolet is about embodying American values like optimism, fun, innovation and more. We’re so excited to bring back the iconic jingle from our 1975 ad just in time for the MLB at Field of Dreams Game, a uniquely American event that celebrates community and the best of the American spirit.”

Even though the MLB at Field of Dreams Game is just one day, the nostalgic celebration isn’t over when the last out is called. That American spirit seems to be stronger than ever.

While car fanatics look for innovation on the road, the All-American brand appreciates that its role in pop culture is more than just the vehicle that transports people to momentous occasions. It is an integral part of everyday life.

In addition, it is a tradition that seems to be handed down from generation to generation. While that old school jingle might be on the tip of your tongue, the idea still resonates.

As a Chevy spokesperson said, “The Apple Pie Hot Dog Is the perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation because it puts a new spin on a classic jingle that resonated with many. Similarly, at Chevy we are always evolving our portfolio of cars, trucks and SUVs to meet the changing needs of our customers without compromising on the performance, efficiency and fun that they expect. From our mid-engine Corvette to our Silverado Special Edition trucks, to the all-electric Bolt EUV, and every vehicle in-between, the Chevy portfolio is full of fun and innovative products that bring our customers back to the excitement they had when they got behind the wheel for the first time.“

That idea of being behind the wheel has resonated with many people over the past year. As the road trip has become the method for people to explore, it begs the question. What does Chevrolet recommend as the perfect car snack?

Chevy said, “When it comes to selecting the perfect snack for a road trip, we know that portability is paramount. That’s why we baked an apple pie and a hot dog into one compact snack that’s easy to eat with one hand. A short list of all-American foods that I always pack on my family road trips are potato chips and pretzels. If anyone can figure out how to make a Thanksgiving dinner road trip-ready, please give me a call.”

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Even though that Apple Pie Hot Dog from Guy Fieri might not be the best road trip snack, it could be the next great All American food or the flavor that lingers in the memories of what was summer 2021.