MTN DEW Spark returns with a full throttle experience

MTN DEW Spark, photo provided by MTN DEW
MTN DEW Spark, photo provided by MTN DEW /

Does summer feel like it is racing away too quickly? Need to make a big splash before fall hits? MTN DEW Spark is back and brings big thrills to the end of summer.

This year has a been a huge one for MTN DEW. From bringing new flavors of its iconic Baja Blast to celebrating birthdays again to even bringing a little spooky mystery to the upcoming Halloween season, the DEW Nation has plenty of ways to quench that thirst.

Now, another favorite flavor is making its triumphant return to Speedway. The exclusive flavor, MTN DEW Spark is back and there are even more surprises in store. To say that this promotion is going to make a big splash is an understatement.

For people who may not remember this special beverage offering, it has a sweet yet tart flavor. The flavor is raspberry lemonade.

While many MTN DEW flavors have that citrus touch, this beverage has a summer feel. Just like that pitcher of pink lemonade that grandma made, there is something that just calls you to drink it. Whether it is the color or the flavor, MTN DEW Spark is enticing.

As Nancy Rooney, CMO of North Division, PepsiCo Beverages North America, said “Last year’s launch of MTN DEW Spark at Speedway saw an incredible response from our fans, who are always looking for fun, new flavors to exhilarate their taste buds. That’s why we’re bringing it back in an even bolder way in 2021, at more Speedway locations and with epic prizing that puts DEW Nation in the driver’s seat.”

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For 11 weeks, this special promotion will be part of the Speedway and MTN DEW collaboration. As fans race through various check points, there will be prizes to be won along the way. The event starts August 16.

Are you ready to have this summer end on a high point? MTN DEW Spark is racing to the finish line.