Taco Bell Defy set to be the quickest service restaurant ever

Taco Bell Defy, photo provided by Taco Bell
Taco Bell Defy, photo provided by Taco Bell /

When that Chalupa craving hits, it needs to be satisfied. Sometimes that drive-thru wait can seem like an eternity. With the new Taco Bell Defy, the revolutionary food pickup experience makes this concept the quickest service restaurant ever.

In the past year, restaurants have had to adapt their food service methods. The rise of app ordering is more than convenience for the guest. The restaurant, including the quick service restaurant, has to take a different approach. While consumers want food to be delivered quickly, that idea of fast food is more than just a grab and go through the drive-thru.

Taco Bell appreciates that change is necessary. While the brand has proven that its mobile ordering allows for food ordering customization, it is more than just having that burrito your way. That ease of use is imperative.

Taco Bell Defy looks to innovate the future of the quick service restaurant.

According to Mike Grams, Taco Bell’s President and Global COO. “Partnering with our franchisees to test new concepts is a huge unlock of learning for us. What we learn from the test of this new Defy concept may help shape future Taco Bell restaurants.”

Although this concept is at its beginning stages, the idea is to give guests the “fastest ever” way to satisfy their Taco Bell craving. From ordering to delivery to driving out of the parking lot, the seamless delivery method could serve as a model for other restaurants.

Called the “frictionless future of Taco Bell,” the idea is to revolutionize the drive-thru experience. With mobile/delivery order dedicated lanes, the idea is to efficiently bring guests their food. Through four delivery lanes, it seems that the idea of grab and go has been transformed into the drive and leave.

While many restaurant brands believe that the delivery methods are efficient, Taco Bell Defy will employ contactless food delivery. Via an elevated kitchen, video systems and real time information, food can go from prep to car in the most efficient way possible.

Whether or not this streamlined food delivery will work for every restaurant concept remains to be seen. Taco Bell has implemented other innovations previously. Its Go Mobile concept has been well-received and continues to expand.

Looking ahead, efficiency seems to be paramount for quick service restaurants. From the mobile app ordering to the delivery methods, consumers want their customized food in their hands as quickly as possible.

Whether or not Taco Bell Defy becomes the model for other brands remains to be seen. Previously, other quick service restaurants have announced the plans to innovate the restaurant design. Going forward, that run through the drive-thru might look quite different.

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What would change the drive-thru experience for the better? Do you prefer to order food delivered or pick it up yourself?