Margaritaville Resort Orlando shares the best ways to relax the day away

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Whether it is National Relaxation Day or just any day where you need a little break, Margaritaville Resort Orlando has some simple ideas that won’t have you worrying about your lost shaker of salt. While Parrot Heads might long for those beach-perfect days, the reality is a little relaxation can make any day a little more enjoyable. And, if a margarita is in your hand, cheers to that idea, too.

From work obligations to hectic family schedules to just the daily grind, the reality is that stress can be overwhelming. While some people can long for that inner zen, little moment to take a breath can help re-center.

Even though many people would love a big getaway to that Margaritaville Resort Orlando, a few of the tips from the resort’s staff can turn that couch into a taste of an island getaway.

Tips for National Relaxation Day from Margaritaville Resort Orlando.

One way to lighten the mood is with music. General Manager Scott Robbins encourages everyone to make an Island-Inspired Playlist. While he prefers that Jimmy Buffett inspired playlist, the music should bring a happy smile. And, if you dance in the kitchen, don’t worry. No one is watching.

When you’re on vacation, cocktail hour can come a little early but that tiki inspired cocktail can make you sip your cares away. Kasey Bussell from the Weddings Team recommends a homemade margarita for a taste of the tropics. While the resort’s tiki hut is a delightful escape, that cocktail can wash your cares away.

Sometimes an aroma can spark memories. From those cookies from the oven to even a favorite flower, why not set the mood with a scent. Sonia Lezama, Director of Catering, recommends the “Mother Ocean” candle, which is the scent from the resort’s lobby. A favorite candle can set the mood beyond romance.

With the scene set, the food on the table can take center stage. Why not whip up an island inspired dish to bring the big, bold flavors. Brianna Bailey from Euphoria Fish house, recommends recreating a signature dish from the restaurant. Whether it is a pan-seared, crabmeat encrusted grouper or your own personal favorite recipe, food is always a tasty way to let all those cares fade away.

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These ideas from Margaritaville Resort Orlando are just a few ideas for National Relaxation Day or any day. Even if you have blown out your flip flop, taking a moment to push your cares away can make any day a little better.