Monster Cereals turn 50 and celebrate by getting the band back together

Monster Cereals celebrate 50 years, photo provided by General Mills
Monster Cereals celebrate 50 years, photo provided by General Mills /

Growing up, the spooky season meant that Monster Cereals returned to store shelves. Whether it was the countdown to Halloween or a special treat on Saturday mornings, being greeted by Franken Berry, Count Chocula or even Frute Brute made the day extra special. Now that these seasonal cereals are turning 50, it is time to brush off the cobwebs and get the band back together, with a little help.

While there are a variety of Halloween inspired events that get people excited, one song is iconic. Sure, the “in people” might not want to admit that they know the words, but when that beat hits, they are singing along. Whether you want to or not, you can’t help but sing The Monster Mash.

For the 50th anniversary of Monster Cereals, the band has gotten back together. In this video, the special song even gets a stamp of approval from the cereal’s super fan Travis Barker. If you remember those VH-1 Behind the Music shows, this video will make you smile.

While the song might be that seasonal earworm, the return of the Monster Cereals and the special promotions for the momentous event are a reason to celebrate. In addition to the special cereal, there are three special collaborations this fall. They include Vinyl SODA with collectible figures, POP! Funko figures and POP! Watches, which are the first ever Funko Halloween watches.

While the Monster Cereals are a seasonal treat, the General Mills cereal is a delicious example how certain food products are more than just another cereal in a bowl. The connection between food and culture runs deep.

People look forward to seeing those favorite Halloween characters reappear year after year. That first spoonful brings back memories from their childhood. They tell stories to their own kids about their childhood. While it is said often, it is another example how food is the universal language.

Even for people who might never watch a horror movie or visit Halloween Horror Nights, these monsters are part of the zeitgeist. They welcome everyone to the spooky season in way that makes it engaging.

Just like the Trix Rabbit brings his treats to the table or Lucky continues to look for that pot of gold in Lucky Charms, those identifiable characters are as important as the cereal’s taste. Even if today’s kids look for a QR code on the back of the cereal box versus the word search, there is something comforting about sitting down to that cereal bowl.

Besides Monster Cereals, what other General Mills fall cereals are hitting stores?

While many people will make a special trip to stock up on Monster Cereals, General Mills has a variety of fall flavors hitting store shelves. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios are back. For people who cannot get enough of pumpkin flavors, this cereal is always a favorite. Plus, the leftover cereal milk tastes really good in that cup of coffee.

Reese’s Bats are back as well. That combination of chocolate and peanut butter is a sweet way to start the day. Personally, this cereal is great as a topping for ice cream. If you haven’t that option, it is a definite must.

Lastly, Monster Mash cereal, separate from the individual Monster Cereals is hitting store shelves. While some people will want to keep this box as a collectible, the cereal deserves to be eaten.

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What is your favorite seasonal cereal? Do you have certain food seasonal food traditions that you share as a family?