Halloween Horror Nights 30 brings more originality to the scariest event ever

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(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images) /

Stepping into the unknown heightens the experience. Entering through the threshold, daring to take a breath, hoping to come out on the other side. Menacing, spooky or something undefined is waiting. Are you prepared for Halloween Horror Nights 30 and all its mayhem?

Recently, Universal Orlando revealed the six new original houses for this year’s Halloween event. Joining previously announcements like the Haunting of Hill House, Halloween Horror Nights Icons Captured and Beetlejuice, the new original houses have some Easter eggs woven into their terrifying tales.

The newly released houses include “Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland,” “Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth,” The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin,” Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience,” and “Revenge of the Tooth Fairy.” If one of these houses sounds familiar, it should. The Revenge of the Tooth Fairy was part of last year’s limited Halloween experience.

Since many Halloween Horror Nights guests know the event’s history, a few of the titles will have them excited. The Welcome to SCarey might sound a little familiar. A couple of years ago, one of the scare zones featured Carey. That might or might not be a reference to an integral Universal Orlando team member.

The idea of Horror in the Heartland opens the door to all types of diabolical ideas. While it won’t be a baseball field in the cornfields, there can be all types of other creatures hiding between those stalks.

It seems that there seems to be a little trend of using nature as the scary point. From the Heartland to the pumpkins to even the paranormal, sometimes the scariest moments are based in reality. People’s imaginations can be more sinister that any movie plot.

Given that this year’s event is Halloween Horror Nights 30, people are expecting a bigger, badder, bolder event. To say that the screaming will be to the extreme might be an understatement.

More Halloween Horror Nights 30 announcements revealed

While the houses offer the sinister storylines, the scare zones bring the mayhem to life. As the scare actors morph their way through the crowds, no one knows where they might pop up, including behind you. In some ways, the scare zones are the most thrilling parts of the whole.

According to the recent announcement, the five scare zones include Crypt TV, 30 Years, 30 Fears, Seek and Destroy, Gorewood Forest and Lights, Camera, Hacktion: Eddie’s Revenge. These scare zones have started to pop up around Universal Orlando.

As seen around the theme park, the Crypt TV area has brought many of the show’s iconic scenes to life. It will be interesting to see how the scare actors interact with guests. Then again, many guests might want to linger to see how others react to the area. Sometimes the scare zones are the best places to people watch.

Also, Universal Orlando has revealed a new lagoon show. The Marathon of Mayhem: Carnage Factory. The show will project some of the most iconic characters set to music. While the imagery and sounds will be enticing, don’t let them put you too far into a trance. These monsters are always looking for ways to get what they want.

Lastly, there is a new performance show. The Halloween Nightmare Fuel is said to include fire breathers, aerialists and nocturnal creatures. All set to metal, electronica and rock, this performance might seem like a place to gathering your bearings, but the experience will leave you wanting more. Remember, there is no hiding at Halloween Horror Nights.

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Halloween Horror Nights 30 will run on select nights starting on September 3. It is a separately ticketed event.

Discovering the difference between nightmares and dreams only happens in the dark. Closing your eyes doesn’t change what you see, it only makes it more real. Are you prepared for Halloween Horror Nights 30?