Joel McHale shares his secret to the most spectacular cocktail

Joel McHale for Q Mixers, photo provided by Q Mixers
Joel McHale for Q Mixers, photo provided by Q Mixers /

A spectacular cocktail might have a little magic in that cocktail shaker. For Joel McHale, the best cocktails have a secret that he is willing to share. Even though that shaking flare might come with a side of witty commentary, the Chief Happy Hour Officer wants to ensure that no cocktail is wasted.

As one of his duties as Chief Happy Hour Officer, McHale has created the Ultimate Happy Hour Playbook. Although this playbook doesn’t come with grids or Xs and Os, it is a handy manual to keep behind the bar. As opposed to the Bartender’s Guide, this one doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Of course, this playbook has plenty of playfulness mixed into the how tos. More importantly, it is important to have a bar well-stocked with Q Mixers. As McHale says, drinkers without Q Mixers taste like the Kraft Mac and Cheese version of his mother’s carbonara.

Some mixologists lead people to believe that an amazing cocktail is a combination of a myriad of ingredients, a plethora of garnishes and maybe even a little showmanship. Truthfully, a great cocktail combines a favorite spirit with a spectacular mixer.

While fashion might subscribe to an extravagant pair of shoes with a simple dress, the reality is that a sub-par mixer does not elevate a great spirit. That idea is the basis of Q Mixers. Make it spectacular, period.

With some ice in the glass, it is time to get shaking. From a simple Dark and Stormy to a version of a Paloma, happy hour can go in a variety of directions. But, a great happy hour is more than just a spectacular cocktail. McHale says that you have to set the scene.

Whether it is mood lighting, good music or that epic bowl of bar snacks, ambiance matters. Even if some happy hour guests can only be seen via a screen, make the moment memorable. Keep the conversation going in between sips. The mood is important, even if you were labeled the guest who is most likely to be an alien.

In the end, crafting that spectacular cocktail for that satisfying sip comes down to four steps. A great glass, perfect ice, a favorite spirit and the only spectacular mixer on the market, Q Mixers. Cheers to that.

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What is your signature cocktail? Do you always sip on the same drink?