Can’t decide what’s for dinner, the Magic Ate Ball can help

Dr. Praeger’s Magic Ate Ball solves dinner questions, photo provided by Dr. Praeger’s
Dr. Praeger’s Magic Ate Ball solves dinner questions, photo provided by Dr. Praeger’s /

From opening and closing the refrigerator to staring at the pantry, making a decision for what’s for dinner can be daunting. Whether it is food boredom, lack of creativity or just being overwhelmed, the reality is that dinner time dilemmas are real. Now, the Magic Ate Ball is coming to the food rescue.

According to one study, the “average American couple spends 132 hours a year deciding what to eat.” While that number is daunting, just think of families who have to balance even more food preferences. It just might cause a family food fight.

Even if the shelves are bountiful, the reality is that decisions can be hard. Everyone has been in that moment when someone says, there’s nothing to eat, yet there is a plethora of choices. Luckily, Dr. Praegrr’s has come up with the simple solution, the Magic Ate Ball.

Many people might remember the Magic 8 Ball. People would ask it the most pressing questions. While the answers varied from definite yes to cloudy uncertainty, there was still an answer. Sometimes, people just want the decision made by someone else.

That idea is behind the Magic Ate Ball. Created by Dr. Praeger’s, the food toy shakes up the dinner routine. The responses include brand favorites like, Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers, Taco Night, Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Nuggets, and Vegan Chili.

From there, everyone can plan the meal. Dr. Praeger’s has a variety of recipes that incorporate those choices. Whether it is a plate of spicy tacos or a backyard barbecue, taking the dilemma out of dining is a dinner time win.

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The Magic Ate Ball is available at It retails for $9.94.

How do you decide what’s for dinner? Do you think that having a little magical help would avoid that overwhelming feeling?