Enjoy a taste of adventure with the Global Bar Crawl Menu at TGI Fridays

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When people travel, food is part of the experience. Whether it is classic dish that is always associated with a region or a new food trend that people cannot wait to try, food and travel are forever intertwined. But, when that ticket to a culinary adventure cannot be punched, what is left. Luckily the Global Bar Crawl Menu at TGI Fridays offers that taste everyone has been craving.

According to a recent Fridays survey, “64 percent of Americans’ travel plans got canceled in 2020 and 47 percent agree that they missed trying new food and/or restaurants when traveling abroad.” Even though many people longed for that escape, they craved those flavors even more.

In addition, people enjoy going to restaurants. That plate of food can celebrate trips from the past, a prelude to a future escape or just enjoying particular flavors. As Sara Bittorf, TGI Fridays Chief Experience Officer said, “TGI Fridays has restaurants around the world, and while Fridays fans can’t physically visit all of them, we are excited to bring the ultimate global Fridays experience to our U.S. restaurants.”

How does the Global Bar Crawl Menu offer a taste of adventure?

Since many people are craving creative flavors, the TGI Fridays Global Bar Crawl Menu offers that food diversity. The menu offers a combination of food and beverages that will satisfy that wanderlust craving.

A few highlights from the menu include the following:

Around the World of Dumplings: Although always a popular choice, dumplings are not just one flavor. With this variety of offerings, the bold choices are a flavor explosion. From Korean Wasabi to Szechwan, these flavors will leave a lasting impression.

Potato Skin Passport: It is time to get a flavor stamp. As this classic appetizer travels around the world in flavor, it shows the versatility of the potato. From a little Italian to Buffalo, the potato is transformed in many ways.

Wing Around the World: Chicken wings are a classic, but they lend themselves to various flavors. From Spicy Hot Mustard to Tropical BBQ, it is time to taste them all.

Ultimate Around the World Long Island Iced Tea: If it is time to sit back and take a moment to relax, this cocktail delivers. Combining “ABSOLUT Vodka, Hendrick’s Gin, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Altos Tequila, Cointreau, and Coke,” this cocktail should be a slow sipper.

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More information on the TGI Fridays Global Bar Crawl menu can be found online at Fridays.com.

Do you crave food from your favorite travel getaways? Do you ever try to recreate those food travel memories at home?