Eggo and Incogmeato crack open a new Chik’n and Waffles conversation

Chik’n and Waffle combo pack with Eggo x Incogmeato, photo provided by Eggo"
Chik’n and Waffle combo pack with Eggo x Incogmeato, photo provided by Eggo" /

Are you celebrating National Waffle Day? While that age old question of can you waffle can be bantered about, the reality is that waffles are a family staple any day of the year. For this year’s national food holiday celebration Eggo and Incogmeato are changing the conversation. Instead of the chicken or the egg debate, why not chose the plant-based option.

For one day only, Eggo and Incogmeato have joined forces to offer Chik’n and Waffles. The special combo pack is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or satisfying anytime hunger. The idea is to expand people’s perception of plant-base food. One bite and they could solve an age old debate. It is really about the chik’n.

As Heidi Ray, Marketing Director, MorningStar Farms and Incogmeato at Kellogg Company, said, “This limited-edition combo pack gives people another opportunity to see how delicious plant-based can be and experience our Chik’n Tenders that look, cook, taste and tear just like the real thing.”

This partnership is another expansion of the Eggo “wins” concept. Earlier this year, the brand looked to find ways to make life easier for families. From easy mornings to quick dinners, that idea of tabling the food debate is a concept that families crave.

According to Joe Beauprez Marketing Director, Eggo at Kellogg Company, “On the biggest waffle day of the year, we’re teaming up with Incogmeato to expand the wins beyond breakfast and give waffles lovers the chance to enjoy our delicious waffles in new ways all day long.”

To spark some creativity around the conversation, the combination package includes two recipes, Sriracha Chik’n and Waffles and Honey Butter Chik’n and Waffles. Both recipes showcase that the plant-based chik’n is just as satisfying as the other choices on the shelf.

The special Eggo and Incogmeato offering is available only via a giveaway. Everyone can enter starting on August 24 at 11 am ET. For more information and rules, please visit Incogmeato website.

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While this idea is just a promotion, could the food combination idea actually arrive on store shelves? Why not? This concept would be a time saver for families. Wonder what other food pairing combinations could be packaged together?