Discover the refreshing way to get through the afternoon slump

New evian+ Feed Your Mind, photo provided by evian
New evian+ Feed Your Mind, photo provided by evian /

While waking up before dawn might feel daunting and burning the midnight oil comes with its issues, the afternoon slump might be the most difficult time to overcome. From the mind wandering during that boring meeting to the spreadsheet with the numbers that seem to dance on the page, there needs to be a productive way to get the day back on track.

According to evian, 2:55 p.m. is the most unproductive time of the day. While school children might jump for joy as that afternoon school bell rings, others are hitting a proverbial wall. From the lunch lull to the waning energy, the day seems to drag on and on.

To help fight that afternoon slump, evian is going to be giving away its evian+. The idea is to give people a little boost to their day.

Released earlier this year, the evian+ sparkling beverage incorporates magnesium and zinc. These minerals are meant to assist cognitive function. The idea is that the fizzy bubbles will help push the afternoon fog away.

To give everyone the opportunity to help fight the afternoon slump, evian is giving away a free six-pack of the evian+ in select cities, specifically, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville. To enter for the opportunity to get this beverage delivered straight to your door, learn more at The offer ends August 28.

Which evian+ beverage can help beat the afternoon slump?

Available in four flavors, Raspberry & Ginseng, Lime & Ginger, Grapefruit & Basil and Cucumber & Mint, the enhanced sparkling beverage has captured many people’s attention. While it has zero sugar, zero sweeteners and zero calories, the refreshing flavors are enticing. These beverages are definitely far from boring.

While many people appreciate that good hydration is key to healthy eating and living, the reality is that the flavors need to spark an interest. Drinking the recommended amount of water a day can feel like a chore. When a brand can bring some excitement to the glass, people are more likely to sip and sip again.

If you are ready to ditch that afternoon slump, crack open a can of evian+. It might not make that meeting go more quickly, but it might make you more alert when your name gets called.

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What is your preferred afternoon pick me up beverage?