SweeTARTS Chewy Fusions are a flavor and texture delight

SweeTARTS Chewy Fusions, photo provided by SweeTARTS
SweeTARTS Chewy Fusions, photo provided by SweeTARTS /

SweeTARTS have always celebrated the food duality. A touch tart, a little sweet, but always a delightful candy. With the new Walmart candy exclusive, the SweeTARTS Chewy Fusions celebrate the flavor and texture in each bite.

Recently, SweeTARTS has pushed the candy conversation in a new way. While sour candies and bold flavors always have a place on the shelf, the classic sweet and tart candy has looked beyond just the innovating the flavor offerings.

When people talk about food or a memorable plate of food, the conversation often points to the perfect bite. It is a combination of textures that make both the first and the last bite memorable. From the crunchy to the soft, all components are in harmony.

With the new SweeTARTS Chewy Fusions, that concept is quite clear. Described as “multi-dimensional snacking,” the fruit-flavored candy has a soft chewy center surrounded by a crispy candy shell that has crunchy candy bits. From that first bite of crunch to the satisfying chew, this candy might quickly become a favorite.

Each little round candy can be enjoyed on its own or eaten by the handful. In many ways, the candy invites people to play with the food experience. And, the flavors lend themselves to that candy creativity.

The five flavors are Cherry Punch, Strawberry Punch, Watermelon Punch, Tropical Punch and Mixed Berry Punch. Looking at these flavors, they lend themselves to the duality conversation. Punch is often a mixture of flavors with one flavor often taking the lead.

More importantly, the flavors both stand on their own and play off each other. Whether one bite is a berry explosion or another bite is a tropical diversion, the flavors will definitely bring happiness in a bag.

The new SweeTARTS Chewy Fusions are a Walmart exclusive. Available in both in stores and online in early September, this new candy offering might make people forget about all those fall flavors.

What do you think of this new SweeTARTS Chewy Fusions? Are you excited to try them?