Skittles Shriekers is the sour Halloween candy that leaves you screaming for more

New Skittles Shriekers, photo provided by Skittles
New Skittles Shriekers, photo provided by Skittles /

Halloween candy season has started. As people start planning those Halloween costumes and prepare for those spooky nights, the food is part of the frightening fun. Don’t forget to put some Skittles Shriekers on the Halloween list.

Skittles and Halloween are a classic pair. While kids cheer for the houses that give out those favorite rainbow candies, it is more than just the treats.

Previously, the Zombie Skittles put a few tricks in the Halloween candy bowl. Who doesn’t remember those unsuspecting candies that looked classic Skittles only to be tricked into a different flavor experience. It was the ultimate flavor trick.

How are Skittles Shriekers the must have Halloween candy?

According to Tanya Berman, Mars Wrigley Seasonal Marketing Lead, “SKITTLES is always looking for new ways to surprise fans with unexpected flavor experiences. This year we focused on putting a new spin on a spooky treat, bringing better moments and more smiles to people as they gear up for the upcoming Halloween season.”

That sentiment seems to drive the fun and the flavor in this new Halloween candy. It is more than a bowl full of tricks. These special candies elicit a response with each and every bite.

Skittles Shriekers are super sours. Even though candy trends vary, sour candy is still having a moment. But, these pucker filled treats take that sour to a new level.

Available in five flavors, the taste might be a little frightening but definitely a lot of fun. These are Citrus Scream, Ghoulish Green Apple, Rattled Raspberry, Shocking Lime and Spine-Tingling Tangerine.

Looking at the five flavors, the Spine-Tingling Tangerine might be the most interesting one in the bag. While there are often lemon, lime and raspberry sour flavors, the tangerine brings a new sour aspect to the conversation.

Whether people eat one at a time or grab by the handful, this new Halloween candy will definitely get some big attention. It might not make you scream quite as loudly as running into one of those Halloween Horror Nights Icons in the dark, but the flavor could make you jump a little.

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Skittles Shriekers are available on store shelves now. They are available in “1.8 oz single packs, 3.6 oz Share Size and 10 oz Medium Funsize Laydown Bags.”

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Do you prefer to give out classic candies or new flavors for Trick or Treat?