Haylie Duff and NUTRO ULTRA create woof-approved Barkuterie Board, interview

NUTRO ULTRA Partners With Haylie Duff, photo provided by NUTRO ULTRA
NUTRO ULTRA Partners With Haylie Duff, photo provided by NUTRO ULTRA /

Anyone who has a four-legged family member appreciates that special occasions always include all members of the family. Even though those perfect pups bring joy to the home, it might be best that they have their own food feast to enjoy. When mom or dad are setting up the perfect charcuterie board, why not make a Barkuterie Board. During a recent conversation with Haylie Duff, she shared how NUTRO ULTRA has the woof-approved solution.

Did you know that a dog has over 1,700 taste buds? While the average adult has between 2,000 to 4,000 taste buds, that perky pooch has a fairly refined palate. Given that knowledge, it might change how and what pup parents serve their fur babies.

Recently, Haylie Duff partnered with NUTRO ULTRA on a fun project that will get two paws up from the four-legged family members. The idea of the Barkuterie Board stems from the popularity of “boards” and the idea of a smorgasbord of food grazing. After making one of these boards, the parents might be jealous of the dog’s spread.

Haylie Duff shares her dogs’ favorite food on Barkuterie Board.

While NUTRO ULTRA has created its own special board that makes creating a Barkuterie Board easy, the concept really is simple. For Duff, she believes that it is the parent’s job to give the “dogs healthy, clean ingredients so that they can live longer, healthier lives.”

Sometimes some of the best treats are the same ones that everyone in the house likes. While Duff was surprised that her dogs like bananas and strawberries, there are plenty of fresh, healthy treats that can be included on these boards.

But, just like everyone else’s eating habits, this board idea needs to be made with care. Whether the board is in lieu of dinner or a sometimes treat, that balance is key to any healthy eating lifestyle.

Still, every parent can appreciate that sometimes it can be hard to cajole people into making smart food choices. When asked who was more difficult to get to eat those fruits and vegetables, she said that her kids might be excited about the fruits on the boards but her youngest might not be quite an adventurous eater. Even if her older sibling helps to push her in the right direction, there can be a little food struggle.

Although, Duff agreed with the sentiment that maybe all the fruits and vegetables on the Barkuterie Board might help with the healthy eating conversation in her house. If the dogs can get all that good nutrition, maybe it can inspire her kids to grab an extra banana, too.

Plus changing the conversation on what a treat food can be is important. Super foods can be a treat, it just is a different perspective. Just like the ingredients in the NUTRO ULTRA, balanced choices are flavorful.

And, Duff’s dogs are always looking for a treat. Duff shared how her dog Chicken can sneak food when no one is looking. From grabbing bites from the counter to stealing a nibble from a plate, everyone has to watch out for Chicken.

Even though everyone might have to have a watchful eye around Chicken, Duff and her family include her dogs into family traditions. From special presents under the tree to even a special treat as the family sits around the table, their dogs are always a part of the family dynamic.

Given that Duff has two new movies coming out, the Lifetime movie, Blending Christmas, and the Baby Pact, which is a continuation of the story from the Wedding Pact. Both movies are lighthearted and romantic, a perfect sentiment for the holiday season.

But, what does Haylie Duff recommend eating while watching those new movies? She shared that her family has snack boards that they use on movie nights. Now, maybe her dogs can have their own Barkuterie board, too.

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If you want to learn more about the NUTRO ULTRA Barkuterie Board and how to make one, visit the NUTRO ULTRA website and socials.

Have you made a grazing board for your dog? What food do you put on it?